Sleep Deprivation Must Be Stopped

Because You Need that Good Night Sleep

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can be a problem for some people when they can’t get enough sleep which is caused by certain reasons like busyness from work or other activities and sleep disorders.

Whatever the cause is sleep problems should be stopped because it will weaken the body. It will make it vulnerable to sicknesses. It can negatively affect your personal productivity because the mind and the body lack rest. 

As a result, it can’t perform well when it’s still tired and not rejuvenated. Sleep deprivation can also waste your time because when your mind is not sharp you’re most likely to be clumsy and make mistakes with the things that you do. This could be a problem when you need to get things done properly.

Sleep problems are most likely to cause accidents on the road when driving a car or any vehicle because driving needs focus and concentration. Anything can happen on the road too so it would be better for you not to drive at all if you didn’t have a good sleep last night.

There can be some weight gain or weight loss when sleep problems always happen. Some people even experience depression and consciousness with pain. You can also suffer from forgetfulness when you can’t sleep well and it can make you miss important details and procedures with what you do and study.

You should at least use tools like a to-do list to help you not forget the things which can greatly save your time. The practice of note taking can also assist you.

Why You Get Sleep Deprivation

Here are the different causes of sleep deprivation that you should understand:

1. Works Too Much, Doesn't Prefer Sleep

These are busy people with work or other activities in life. They prefer to sleep shorter hours like 4-5 hrs. only (some only 3!) because they want more time for what they’re doing.

  • They want to finish early so they can accomplish more or get ahead with the other.
  • They’re very passionate with what they do and they use most of their time for it.
  • Too many tasks at hand, they have loaded themselves with too much work.

While some people skip a few hours of sleep with the help of stimulants like coffee. You should know that the body cannot be cheated. Sleep deprivation will take toll or "payback" one way or another. 

The body gets tired especially the mind. It can cause headaches, migraines, muscular pains and low energy levels later because the system is not rejuvenated or rested. You may also experience daytime sleepiness which can affect you a lot during the day.

You should provide time for sufficient rest and sleep. There should also be work-life balance so there’s "stability" between work and relaxation.

2. Tensed and Bothered?

Another reason for sleep deprivation is that the mind is "not at peace" or unclear. Meaning there is something bothering which is giving stress and worry to the person so the mind can’t help it but to have thoughts with the things concerned about.

When you’re bothered with something, you should try to solve it as soon as possible because it can get worse and even lead to anxiety.

When you’re overworked and tired you should have relaxation techniques so you can release the stress you’re carrying.

Too much work at the office without sufficient rest, leisure and good icebreakers, it can also contribute to "job burnout."

The habit of perfectionism can lead to great stress because of the requirement to perform much and meet high standards that are difficult. Being a perfectionist can make you procrastinate if you can’t meet the things you require of yourself.

You’re more likely to have sleep deprivation when you can’t find satisfaction and joy with yourself. It would be better to keep simple living making things less complicated.

3. Time Is Not Used Well

Something else that causes sleep deprivation is time mismanagement. Some people get through each day without being aware of how they use their time at all and if their time is used wisely. They work when they want or depending on what the situation require of them.

They don’t keep definite schedules and check their use of time. In other words it lacks organization and efficiency. Here are some consequences that happen:

  • When they need the time when it’s important, they don’t have extra time for it.
  • When deadlines are getting near, they would start to cram during the last moment which is another cause for sleep deprivation.
  • They get stressed when something gets missed which is caused by lack of awareness to the details of what they do. There is no sufficient planning and preparation.

If every space of time is used properly then you would less likely have "lack of time." By starting to get organized with yourself you’ll be able to develop the way you handle things.

You may want to use time management tools like a daily planner or a weekly planner for setting and arranging time schedules during each day.

The use of a monthly planner can be a good overview of how time is used during days of the month.

It all starts with personal change and habit improvement. Know your priorities and keep your focus on things needed to be done. There may be times when you need to refuse and "say no" to other things which can distract you and take some of your time. This depends on the situation you have.

You should learn to make timesavers too so you can keep more time and do not lack for important things that need it.

You can start with an effective morning routine which can include the use of easy recipes for your meals. Learn to budget your time and make use of each available time you have. Once things for the day are accomplished, you would most likely avoid sleep deprivation at night.

4. Ailment Troubles

Sleep deprivation can happen more on people with disorders such as ADHDThey can have difficulty with having a good sleep because of their irregular behavior. When symptoms of these disorders are seen it should be given early medical attention and treatment in order to prevent much sleep problems.

People with Bipolar symptoms can also have sleep problems. Since their behavior is not also normal, the changes in their moods have different effects when it comes to their sleep which is also a problem for children.

With sufficient knowledge and understanding of Bipolar disorder, relatives and other people concerned can help with the support of medical treatment. 

There are other sicknesses which can cause sleep problems which we have no room here for discussion. However, some common problems that some people experience are insomnia, arthritis and body aches such as: migraines, backaches and arthritis.

These are problems with sleep deprivation that should be consulted with a doctor or a specialist.

Here are some healthy tips that can help you sleep better.

Get Your Sleep Better

  • Don’t take stimulants like coffee, alcohol and smoking late in the day.
  • Devote time for relaxation to clear your mind it’s all worth it.
  • Don’t overload yourself with responsibilities you can’t fully commit to.
  • Take some exercise during the day, preferably late in the day so your body will be in the mood to take some rest.
  • Drink some warm milk or chamomile tea before sleeping, however you need to consult your physician first to make sure that there are no side effects to your health.
  • Make your room dark as possible, turn off the lights and close the curtains or any source of light. Make sure that there’s no noise around.

More Advice for Better Sleep:

  • You can listen to relaxing or soothing music while trying to sleep.
  • If needed you may take supplements like melatonin to help you sleep but you must consult a doctor first when it comes to medications.
  • Some people prefer counting sheep but you can also think of other things to work out your mind.
  • Have a good hot bath to condition your body before sleeping.
  • Use comfortable mattress like soft cushion and soft pillows to stimulate your body to sleep.
  • There should be a good temperature in the room. A cool room is most likely to make you sleep. If it’s hot you can turn on an electric fan or an air conditioner which is better.

How Much Time for Sleep?

healthy amount of sleep-rest is required to avoid sleep problems.

  • Infants should sleep around 15 to 16 hours.
  • Toddlers should sleep around 12 to 14 hours.
  • Preschoolers should sleep around 10 to 13 hours.
  • School-age kids should sleep around 10 to 11 hours.
  • Teens should sleep around 8 1/2 to 9 hours.
  • Adults should sleep around 7 to 8 hours.

If you’re a parent with a child, you should also know if she/he is sleeping well or having sleep deprivation because it definitely affects the health condition.

Sleep is important for everyone. Whatever your priority and activity in life is, you should provide enough time for rest and avoid sleep deprivation so your body can recover from the labors of the day. A good sleep can help you perform at your peak for the next day.

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