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Simple living

Simple living can make your life less complicated. It can save you precious time from unnecessary things in life which you don’t really need. It can give you better health and make your each day more meaningful.

When life is less complicated there are less problems and there would be less stress for you. You should learn how to simplify your life as you learn on how to relieve stress.

It Starts with You

Making your life simple starts with your willingness and ability to make changes to the way you live.

Some questions to think about:

  • Are you willing to make that change that is opposite to what you’ve been doing daily?
  • Are you willing to go against or in opposite to what the world, the majority and the media are teaching you to do?
  • Are you willing to adjust and sacrifice some of the wants that you like and have cherished for a long time?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you’re ready to make some major changes and adjustments in life which would lead to less problems and promote effective time management techniques, creating more precious time for the things you need in life.

What Makes Life Simple?

Simple living involve removing those things that make your life complicatedYou should start by learning to have clutter control in your home and at your workplace and learn to get organized with the way you live your life. Making life less complicated is one of the natural remedies for anxiety you can use.

There are many good organizing ideas you can use in order to make your environment and lifestyle more convenient for you as you work around your places.

Clutter is simply things that you don’t usually need or think about at any given time. They occupy space and consume some of your attention and thoughts as you see them around and get involved with them.

Simple Living is Not Excessive

You would simplify your life because you want less stress and avoid being complicated. Do you agree? You should give the effort to remove those things that you don’t really need.

For example:

1. You need to eat and drink but you don’t need too much food, especially those with preservatives and artificial ingredients they can cause you sickness and disease when you take too much of them.

Sometimes it’s just luxury for some people, eating a lot or all sorts of tasty foods when they have lots of money while some people can barely eat in order to survive.

2. You would definitely need to work to make a living and buy the things that you need in life, but you should remember always that work-life balance is important so you can keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain good relationship with important people like your family and friends.

Sometimes people tend to think that life is just about work, work and more work to earn a lot of money and go up quickly at the career ladder however, it usually suffers relationships like marriage and children.

Simple living promotes balance between achievement and leisure so there can be a "well-rounded" and joyful lifestyle.

3. As you simplify your life, you have to learn that you don’t really need all those material things that most people desire. Materialism is often what traps most people in desiring all sorts of things which they only put aside later on because they realize that they don’t need them anymore.

They would simply replace it with a new one because they developed the tendency to buy and get more. It can take lots of time and money when you devote yourself too much on things such as:

  • Different clothes that are always going on with the trends
  • Different gadgets and always wanting the latest and most advanced
  • Jewelries and accessories that are usually expensive and becomes a collection
  • Vices and luxuries that usually becomes a habit and an addiction

Later on in life, you may realize that all those things can’t bring lasting happiness and that you just needed to make your life more meaningful.

Simple Living Needs Grace

An ideal way of simple living is to use wisdom and techniques to make things easier for you. A more graceful living promotes a simple life. You should avoid perfectionism which can simply stress you much and you only need to fulfill what needs to be done and not overdo it.

Avoid multitasking as much as possible, even if you have many things to do at home and at work. You need proper focus and priority with the important things that you do so you can make them right and avoid errors this is also a way you can simplify doing things.

Organizing your home to simplify can be a good start for you so that your things and stuff become orderly and it will definitely affect the way you live and treat your things anywhere you go.

Learning to live your life with grace can help you avoid certain psychological and emotional problems which can lead to stress. The use of productivity lifehacks can help you go through your day with enough accomplishment while saving you precious time.

You should also learn to think positive most of the time and you can practice positive affirmations which can definitely help you condition your mind. Using daily affirmations  could make it possible for you to achieve more while overcoming those negative thoughts that can make things difficult for you.

More You can Get Out of a Simple Life

When you choose to simplify your life, you may not need to become much wealthier and have all those stuff around you. However, you'll definitely have more quality time for your friends and family.

You'll be much closer to having work-life balance without worrying much if you are able to give sufficient time for other important things aside from work and money. You can start exploring other things in life that you haven't explored or tried yet. Like a new hobby for example?

Being simple can help you live a more spiritual life which may bring you the peace, joy and blessings you're looking for in life. A simple life has its own beauty and advantages and you just have to decide if you're going to live this way after comparing and "weighing" things out.

Living simple can also give you more opportunity for personal development.

Is It Tough to Do?

You may find simple living tough to do or other people may tell you that it is because most people are not used to doing it. Actually, it's not the trend these days. But in another perspective, you may find it liberating for yourself because you can get free from all those many desires that you need to satisfy.

You'll also lose the need to depend on many things while having different benefits. Your satisfaction will become simpler and easier to attain because it doesn't get complicated and it won't require you much. There would be less pressure.

Others may see that it's something tough to do. But when you get used to doing it, you may realize that it's not that hard at all. You may actually feel lighter with yourself.

Simple living can make things easier for you especially in our complicated society. It can save you time, money and energy while avoiding problems which can be caused by the unnecessary wants and addictions in life.

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