Prefer Simple Living
For A Less Problematic Life

How to simplify your life

You can learn simple living to lessen your problems. Something that makes life complicated, which can cause all sorts of problems is the many things and wants in life which people get involved with.

Of course, we all need things like food, clothing and shelter. These are basic. That’s why we work and do things in order to live a proper life and we do other activities so we can enjoy life.

However, learning simple living is not easy for some people because there is the tendency to want more in life and much more later on. The standard of living becomes higher and there’s the desire to have all sorts of different things and activities in life.

There are certain things which people do not really need and can cause problems in the end. To make life simple could be the solution to avoid it.

Balance is Important

It doesn’t mean you have to avoid things that you want or do not buy something that can make you happy when you have the money. The way on how to simplify your life means making "balance" with the things that you do. It means to "regulate" and don't do it too much.

Consider This

Why are average people who live "simple" are generally more joyful and cheerful in life than rich people? Surely rich people have an easier life and can enjoy luxuries because they have money and things which they can easily afford. 

This is something most people cannot figure out.

Actually the average people who practice simple living are not more joyful than the rich people, they are simply "less discontented." 

Learning simple living is not a common idea that is interesting for most people who have lots of money and wants in life.

What Society Teaches Us

Society gives a lot of influence to people such as:

  • How they should live life
  • The things they should buy to find happiness
  • The way men and women have to dress to impress others
  • What’s in and what’s not in trends
  • What cars and gadgets that make you "cool"
  • And much more...

While the society tries to tell you what is nice for you, it doesn’t mean it is good for you. The common influence is not to make yourself simple but instead to pamper yourself with more things you can get and try to fit yourself with a lifestyle that is usually "not naturally you."

"Wanting this and wanting that" and "want to go there and want to do that" is the habit that can happen which is hardly gets satisfied and it can make life complicated.

More is More Problem

As you think about how to simplify your life, you should realize that the more things you have and the more you desire beyond your capacity, the more life gets complicated. Also, the more your precious time is spent on things which doesn’t give lasting happiness and accomplishment.

Too much stuff collected that you don’t really need can only end up as clutter in your place and you might realize soon that most of them are not worth your attention anymore.

You should learn simple living so you’ll have simpler problems because when people crave for more things and luxuries in life the more they strain and pressure themselves beyond what they have and can afford.

They can get to things like:

  • Stealing and cheating from other people
  • Competition instead of cooperation
  • Hate towards rivals and envy towards others having what they want
  • Getting deeper into debt which becomes harder for them to pay

As they do not keep it simple and get into all sorts of troubles they also become more problematic as they desire for ambitions which are hard to reach and they try to get it as soon as possible.

You might need to start saying no and refuse some of the temptations and influences from other people that you don’t really need in life.

Stick with What's Important

To make yourself simple can give you more focus with what’s important in life. What is your purpose in life and what should you be doing now to fulfil that purpose?

It would help you if you get organized with yourself and how you live life. You should not forget that an organized home can help much with your personal well being.

What are the things you need so you can live a proper life away from bad influences such as crime and greed, vices such as alcohol and drugs. These things can ruin your life and years of time which you’ll never recover.

Learning Simple Living is Amplifying

You might not notice it now, but once you try to make yourself simple including everything you do and everything you desire, you may see the other beauty of life which makes it much more meaningful.

You could also create a work-life balance so you can manage stress well at work while you try to enjoy life. Being able to conduct simple living will definitely lessen the anxiety you may encounter.

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