"5 Effective Time Management Strategies For Work-Life Balance"

Rule Over Stress and Prevent Frustrations

Work-life balance

Effective time management strategies can free you from a life of over- stress and lack of fulfillment. You may feel that you don’t have enough time for the other important things in life when there's no work-life balance.

These are things like pleasure, leisure and family because your work is pressuring you and taking too much of your time. You should learn to balance between work and your personal life so you can find more inspiration and fulfill other responsibilities that you could be missing.

Using effective time management charts can help you see how you're using your time as a whole.

Here are helpful ways you can use so you can change your way of living.

1. Create Extra Time for Personal Activities

Your work might be requiring you much of your time during the whole day because of the demands and requirements of bosses and managers but you can still create extra time for your personal activities.

By making these adjustments:

1. Plan early for your activities concerning your family, community, hobbies or other interests. Since the amount of time you use for your work will not always be the same there’ll be always spare time and opportunity for doing personal activities. You can use a monthly planner to help you plan in advance.

2. Use timesavers as part of effective time management strategies such as avoiding unnecessary text messaging and social networking sites so you can finish early with your work and have the time you need for other things.

3. Learn to get organized with the way you do things so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and habits which can take some of your time.

4. While not at work give priority to family and kids or your personal interests as much as possible even for just a few hours it will help you get rejuvenated and inspired for the next day of work.

2. Learn to Overcome Things that Can Lose Drive

To create effective time management strategies, you need to overcome the things that can lose your motivation at the same time waste your time because these things can make you work harder and longer to finish.

Is something bothering you making you feel bad about yourself?

You could be having anxiety or depression problems. You need to settle it as soon as possible because it can drain much of your energy which can be used for your other activities. Learn how you can reduce stress which can be causing these problems.

To maintain effective time management strategies, you should avoid the things that can give you problems at work such as office politics, gossips and rivalries. Avoid people who would always give you a negative mood, they can influence your lifestyle and increase your procrastination tendencies.

  • People who always vent and talk negative things about others destroying their reputation
  • People who are always pessimistic with life who doesn’t consider adjustment and change of outlook in life
  • Those who can put you into trouble with their plans or schemes
  • Those who always carry hatred and grudges towards others

3. Change Your Lifestyle and Find New Meaning

Effective time management strategies become easier if you can make some lifestyle changes at work and at home. If you can simplify yourself with your desires and ambitions in life, your work would be less stressful and less complicated to fulfill.

Why so? It’s because you’ll be working with lesser capacity and you would not be pressured to give too much effort in order to achieve too much which is beyond a simple lifestyle.

There would be:

  • Less expenses and debts to pay
  • Simpler joys and happiness in life that are easier to acquire
  • More time for family, kids and friends
  • More opportunities for exploring other things in life outside the office
  • A work-life balance is easier to attain

But if you’re having a better experience with your work and you prioritize ambitions more instead of other things in life then you should focus more on getting better with your career aiming for a better position and benefits. At the least you should try to fulfill your responsibilities and activities outside your work.

Actually life is a choice and only you can determine what kind of lifestyle makes you comfortable.

You should make an organized home in order to make it more pleasant to live in, giving you less problems and remove the clutter at work and anywhere you stay to reduce the things that can give confusion.

4. Resourcefulness and Flexibility For Effective Time Management Strategies

You should learn how to be resourceful in handling tasks inside and outside of work to lessen your stress. You should also learn to be flexible on how you do things and in facing different situations.

Here are some examples:

  • Learn to delegate some tasks. You can ask a co-worker for a favor of doing something for you especially if it’s her/his expertise or if it’s a minor task in exchange of something you can give that he/she would appreciate.
  • Since you’re earning at work you can hire someone to do errands at home for you which will not cost you much. If you have kids they can help you at some things in exchange for a treat or allowance.
  • Create shortcuts. For example if you can access information or buy something over the internet then it would be better to do so. Other activities can also be done over the internet like sending and sharing messages.
  • Make a list of what you need to do in sequence so you don’t get confused during the day wasting your time. You can use a daily planner, a Daytimer or a weekly planner for 1 week tasks.
  • Automated tools can be very helpful like the Google Calendar  and the Evernote to get you reminded of something you need to do.

A quality work-life balance should be able to help you complete many of your tasks at the same time fulfilling important things in life.

5. Work on Self-Improvement

The way you perform can determine your effective time management strategies. Since self-improvement can take some time, some people do not consider engaging in it. However, you should know that self-improvement and a personal development plan can help you in the long term after you have made important improvements with yourself.

For a quality work-life balance, you should improve and grow against your weaknesses and limitations.

Consider these things:

  • Train yourself on having personal productivity improvement. How you can increase your performance and find the things that can motivate you.
  • Acquire new skills and abilities through training programs with the guidance of a teacher or a coach. This can make you flexible on how you do things at work, family and other activities.
  • Read on personal development books or e-books about leadership, management and other books of wisdom.
  • Improve your health and body by having regular exercise, good diet and sufficient sleep so you can perform your best in whatever you do.
  • Learn to release stress through meditation and other relaxation techniques so you get recharged. This helps your work life balance well.
  • Practice a good morning routine to start your day when your energy levels are high. A good start can influence and affect your whole day.

Effective time management strategies begin by making changes to how you live and do things. While change is not something most people like, it is important to make it possible to live a better life with less stress and frustration. You may find the kind of life you’re looking for if there’s quality work-life balance.

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