Effective Time Management
Charts Perspective

The use of effective time management charts can help you understand how your time is spent on the different things you do in life.

A picture presentation of the task time management graph gives you another view and idea on where your time goes.

It can help you make use of your time better.

You can see your personal status overall and check if there’s work-life balance in your life.

One important purpose of personal time management charts is for getting things done with all your obligations and responsibilities which include work, family and hobbies.

Where Does Your Time Go?

Here’s an example of effective time management charts:

An example of effective time management charts you can make

A simple picture – a Pie Chart made from a program "Microsoft Excel," you can also make such a chart with other programs. It only needs to look simple with some important details.

The type of numbers used in this time management graph is "percentage."

In the time management graph above you can see how you use your time in general throughout the day for getting things done.

It should include your time for relaxation from all the work you do because you also need to relieve the stress you experience.

While effective time management charts should show that you give sufficient time for your work and accomplishments, part of work life balance includes time for family, friends and other important activities in life like organizing your home.

A good sleep is important so you should give enough time for it because sleep-time is when your body rests deeply and rejuvenate its strength for the next day.

Another Way of Seeing It

Another example of effective time management charts in a different format:

This is a Column Chart. You should use time management graphs that are easy to understand and study, like the Pie and Column types. Of course you can use other types as long as it works well for you.

Are You Efficient at Work?

Work is important to most people and it might help you understand more how your time is distributed throughout your work schedule.

Effective time management charts give you a quick glance and information on how large your time is spent on each kind of activity you do at work.

You can see where most of your times are used and where it’s used less. This is based on hours.

Pie time management chart sample:

Column time management chart sample:

Even bosses at companies like to see charts during presentations of their workers like in sales reports for example because it’s easy for quick information.

They can quickly see where the trends and things are going and leading.

They would be able to make decisions easily with what they see and it would be a timesaver for them because they don’t have the time to study and analyze all those data gathered by their workers.

Personal time management charts are not only for work, you can use it on other activities like school, programs and other personal activities. You can use it for anything and as needed.

When you check your personal time management charts it can help you decide what activities and schedules need adjustment. Which tasks may need more time and which tasks can have lesser time?

A Better Outcome!

You can make the results of your time management charts better if you improve your way of getting things done.

You may use the Franklin Planner for planning your activities and arranging your schedules in a systematic way.

With this you’ll be able to make the most of your time and avoid certain mistakes that can happen.

You can also use our printable planners as your personal time management tools that can assist you in doing daily tasks.

When you’re prepared and as you get organized with your time you can avoid much procrastination when doing things.

The use of effective time management charts can improve the way you live when you gain more understanding with your time and it can be part of your personal development.

You may also want to adapt to simple living to make things easier for you and you can have more time allowance for everything you need to do.

Let's Make Effective Time Management Charts

Personal time management charts are easy to make. If you know how to use the popular program "Microsoft Excel" you can easily make it there.


1. To create the Pie Chart shown above you should start creating this information in your Excel worksheet.

2. Next is to highlight the data to be used exclusively for the chart like when you "Copy" something. In our sample chart you must highlight cells A3 to H4.

3. Click on the "Insert" tab above on the Excel menu bar.

4. Click on the "Pie" button which will appear after selecting the "Insert" tab.

5. Select the "Type" of Pie Chart you want.

6. Your Pie Chart is going to appear, modify its features and parts for better presentation:

You can change the color of each slice of pie and put other labels and enhancements to your personal time management charts.

After making your chart you can print it for your personal reference wherever you go or display it somewhere you can check anytime or if you prefer you can simply keep it in your computer and open the file as needed.

Looking at effective time management charts can help you see things in a different perspective which might help you see any problems with your scheduling and use of time in general which you don’t usually see and realize with regular practices.

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