How To Relieve Stress
While Making Achievement

How to relieve stress

Learn how to relieve stress for your wellness and avoid the stress symptoms that can affect your health.

We can experience stress anytime because we do something. Stress is a natural thing because it gives us excitement to perform better improving our productivity. It drives out our creativity and resourcefulness.

However, when stress becomes uncontrolled, stress symptoms happen like:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pains
  • Fatigue and low energy levels

Knowing how to deal with stress can help prevent these things:

  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and other forms of ailments.

You can perform better and get things done always if you can learn how to avoid stress symptoms.

Ways on How to Relieve Stress

Here’s how to deal with stress that you can do:

1. Change to the Positive Side

Yes the first thing is a change of thinking and attitude. It is a common tendency for anyone to think negatively when things become hard, complicated or unfavorable. You should fight this tendency and change direction. Meaning, turn yourself to the positive side of things.

For example: When you’re starting to build your own business, instead of thinking that you cannot do it, you should think that you can do it! You can use positive affirmations to help you with conditioning yourself. You have to direct yourself where you can do something about it.

Then your mind will feel more comfortable and become conditioned to think and make ways on how it can be done. This is a basic step on how deal with stress.

Another important thing about how to deal with stress is to avoid perfectionism. Doing your best is good and striving to become better is best. However, you cannot perfect things. When you try to perfect things too much, you might get trapped with analysis paralysis which can take lots of your time and lead to stress symptoms.

2. Use Your "Release" Techniques

Not learning how to deal with stress can cause emotional problems like being short-tempered, unhappiness and agitation and other people may wonder about these sudden changes in your behavior.

Here’s how to deal with stress to avoid these things:

Avoid Watching TV

Why not watch TV? People watch TV, listen to the radio or read a newspaper or magazine when they’re stressed you might ask. While TV and the likes of it are entertaining to watch and hear when you start at it, most people cannot see the "negative effects" it can bring.

Not all things in it are negative but many of them are, if you’ll observe closely! That’s why many are not recommended to watch when considering how to relieve stress. TV and the likes usually contain "exaggerated emotions" in order to buy your feelings with what they present you, meaning to "get you along with it."

They try to appeal to your feelings’ attention with attitudes of:

  • Violence
  • Immoralities and strife
  • Controversies and foul language
  • And other negative attitudes

Which they try to make entertaining and most entertainment media are simply "business." Later on you might feel more stressed because of your exposure to these things. You might feel a negative perspective or "view" on things in life because of what your mind has repeatedly experienced.

These can even contribute to having anxiety problems when you’re exposed too much with negativity. As a precaution on how to relieve stress you should avoid things that can give you more stress.

How to Relieve Stress and Drive It Out

Stress can be persistent at times and stress symptoms should be avoided by using relaxation techniques. There are many choices for this, like:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Tai chi
  • Massage therapy
  • And others

Something effective you can do is to find someone you can talk to. Someone who is concerned with you, not someone who’s not serious or who’ll make fun of you and criticize you too much. You’ll need someone whom you can "confide with." Someone whom you can tell your problems with and share your concerns with.

When you let things out, it’s a great release of stress!

You can talk to a:

  • Close friend
  • Brother or sister
  • Parent or spouse
  • A therapist or counselor
  • Or a professional as long as they will hear you out and try to help you.

This is one good action on how to relieve stress.

You should give time for relieving stress because it needs attention. If you're using a monthly planner, you can easily set a date for it.

Simple Activities

How to relieve stress activities not usually thought of:

  • Singing and dancing, express it out by doing this for fun. Some people go to the karaoke bar and some take ballroom dancing for example.
  • Caressing a pet like a cat or playing with a dog. Animals can also give joy and they enjoy it too.
  • Go to the restaurant and eat something special and delicious. Do something else you like for a while away from your problems.
  • Go outdoors, somewhere safe and close to nature. You need a change of atmosphere that is fresh. Drink cold water or refreshing drinks you should "cool" up yourself.
  • It is said that some vitamins and supplements can help fight stress problems. It would be better to ask your physician or doctor about this.

There are many simple ways on how to relieve stress that you can think of.

3. Face Reality and Change Things

Life is not easy and we cannot deny it. There are many things that can cause stress but you can change yourself so you can avoid being affected by most of these things. 

a. Putting things in order can make things easier for you because you would avoid having some of the confusion that can happen. You should start by getting organized with yourself and in your home. Looking for organizing ideas can help a lot.

b. As you work on how to relieve stress you can adapt simple living at the same time avoid having clutter which can make things uncomfortable.

c. As you learn how to reduce stress, you have to give focus with what you do and avoid distractions so things will get accomplished whether at home, at school or at work. You should not get into multi-tasking too much so you can focus your energies on what you’re currently doing.

d. You can use a "to-do list" to help you do things step by step. A structured schedule is better than there’s no structure or "anything goes," it can waste your time and energies. It would be better taking action on how to relieve stress early so you can avoid certain mistakes.

When things are steady and there’s progress, stress symptoms can be avoided.

e. Learn to "say no" if you have to when you don’t have extra time for other things so you can finish with your current tasks. 

f. Everything should start with a good morning routine which can affect the whole day.

g. Plan things ahead and avoid procrastinating which is also an important part of effective leadership characteristics.

h. Always remember that work-life balance is important as you learn how to relieve stress so you can remain happy and maintain good health while doing your responsibilities.

Without things to do, life can be meaningless and lack excitement. You can even feel stressed if you don’t have a purpose.

4. Your Adaptation Strategies

Feelings of stress symptoms such as:

  • Nervousness
  • Uncontrolled eating
  • Procrastination
  • Resorting to things like alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs

These things can happen when a person is having a hard time adapting to a certain situation. These things should be solved as you learn how to relieve stress because they can hurt your health.

Problems would include:

  • Not getting along with the society or the community
  • Having problems with family relations, could be with a spouse or a child
  • Conflicts and negative treatments from a schoolmate or a teacher
  • Problems getting along with a co-worker at the workplace or having a "monster" boss around
  • Anger problems, biases and feelings of hatred for different reasons

Further stress symptoms like:

  • Agitation
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Body aches

Can happen and weaken your performance level, like having:

  • Memory problems
  • Making poor judgements
  • Unnecessary worries
  • Poor concentration

How to deal with stress should include a change in how you look at things and how you approach and react to them.

How to Relieve Stress by Adaptation

1. First you must respect your feelings for who you are. You have your own convictions, beliefs, limitations and you have your personality.

That’s who you are! You cannot simply change yourself in order for everyone to give you an approval.

2. Bad things can happen suddenly when you least expect it. Avoid panicking. Check the situation first with patience and calm. Avoid aggressive reaction because you might make mistakes if you do. Then see what you can do with the situation when your mind is clear. Notice that you’ll create a better solution for it.

3. Prepare a plan B or a "back-up" plan in case things come to worse. See, when something bad happens you have a quick solution for it while others will still make their own. This is an effective way on how to deal with stress.

4. Make things better with other people. Having "icebreakers" can remove tensions and barriers with others. This is one way of starting to make better relationship with other people. Icebreakers can also help avoid stress symptoms.

5. Learn to forgive the mistakes and shortcomings of others. Holding anger, hate and grudges is a great contributor to stress and anxiety. This is important as you learn how to relieve stress in life.

6. Don’t doubt yourself too much, you’re good in your own way. Just do your best and never give up, learn from your mistakes and grow. It’s part of life. Then let your problems go, don’t think much about them. After all, you did what you can...

7. Find people whom you can get along with. After all, no man’s an island. Even loners have a friend or someone close to talk with. Find your group whom you can relate with and belong. This can be your force which can strengthen your presence whether at school or community or your workplace. But avoid peers who are "bad influence."

8. Don’t compare with what others’ have like position, money and things. You’ll never get satisfied and happy with what you have. You’ll be stressed out trying to compete and gain like what others have. This is one safeguard you can apply on how to relieve stress with your desires.

Learning how to relieve stress can make your life more joyful while accomplishing things. Being able to avoid stress symptoms will keep you healthy without the troubles of sicknesses. As you improve your ways on how to deal with stress, you’ll be performing better and give more quality with your time.

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