Getting Things Done
Is The Way To Go

Getting things done

Getting things done should be the ideal way when doing something however there are times when things don’t get finished or postponed, worst if it doesn’t get started at all.

There are several reasons why some things are not done on time or as desired. There can be situations and conflicts, friction with other people or personal problems. 

However, the common barrier that would prevent anyone from accomplishing something is lazinessBut you should know that there are things that contribute to laziness which also needs to be solved in order to get out from it.

Lack of Strong Focus

When you should do something like an assignment, report or even your laundry. You should provide a good focus on what you’re doing so you can finish it. Life can have many distractions like text messages, phone calls, noises and the need of attention of someone.

These are all part of everyday situation and you cannot simply ignore them, but instead you need to learn to deal with them. Getting things done requires commitment from you to finish and accomplish something so you have to give priority to whatever you’re doing. This is also an important part of effective leadership characteristics.

Think about distractions and diversions as "secondary" except when there’s an emergency. But if you can multitask things, then that’s fine but you should always be aware that you may lose some of your focus on what’s priority when you multitask too much.

Finishing your tasks is the main purpose and this would reduce any anxiety that you may experience when you complete what needs to be done.

What to Do with Distractions

1. If you’re not the type who can ignore noises and sounds around the place when you’re doing a paper work for example, then you should ask the person responsible for the noise to minimize it or give you the favor of silence. If this is not applicable, then go somewhere that is quiet, like a library.

2. There are some situations when you should learn how to say no especially when you’re being asked about something minor and you’re doing something important. You have limitations too and it’s hard to commit to every request or favor you’re being asked of.

There are times when you need to be selective or else you’ll have too much stress when you get "over loaded" with responsibility.

3. When at work you should try to avoid personal text messages and messaging that are not necessary.

4. As part of your timesavers, you should avoid social networking sites and making personal phone calls if not needed. You should resist the temptation of diverting your actions to other minor activities when you’re trying to complete something.

5. Concentration is important in getting things done, you should train your mind on it so you can provide the necessary performance for what you need to do and increase your personal productivity.

Excuses for Getting Things Done

Concerning getting things done, excuses that are usually negative are a problem towards finishing tasks. Laziness loves excuses and there will be always an excuse when there’s the feeling of laziness.

Laziness can create procrastination which is the act of delaying work or stopping from doing something from time to time. You should overcome this feeling of laziness because it will take you nowhere. Simply wishing, hoping and dreaming will not make it but taking action will.

If you’re having the tendency of feeding excuses so you won’t have to do something, you should try not to entertain it with more negative thoughts, but instead feed it with positive thoughts of encouragement!

You should exert the effort of making a move and start doing something because finishing tasks requires you to begin at some point. 

If what’s holding you back is making mistakes, just remember that the greatest people in the world made a lot of mistakes before they became great. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes you should learn from it instead and have the eagerness and interest to grow from it.

It’s part of life and we face experiences so we can grow, improve and develop. If you don’t do something then there won’t be progress and growth. There won’t be achievement to expect.

We have a famous expression "if there’s a will, there’s a way" and you can always make a way if you just fuel your desire towards getting things done.

The Better Person

In order for you to have ease of accomplishing things, you should aspire to become better always. You should train and challenge yourself to do better so you can improve more on everything that you do. Try to raise your standards and do more than what you usually do. When you get used to it, it will be easier for you to complete lesser tasks.

You should consider organizing yourself with the way you do things so you can make better performance with the things that you do.

You can try doing things with perfectionism as you train on improving yourself but in doing your work you just actually need to make it complete or as required by your boss or superior.

Using a to-do list can help you accomplish all the things you need to do, just try not to forget to list everything to be done and you should update your list as needed.

Using a list in sequence will prevent you from forgetting any task you have to do and it’s always a wise course of action not applied by most people because they try to remember everything and they don’t want to take the time on making it.

Getting things done needs your personal initiative. You have to learn to give a push and start doing it and you have to make a way to be flexible when there are troubles or distractions. You need to be determined to finish something in order to finish it.

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