Personal Productivity Improvement You Should Apply

Personal productivity improvement

Personal productivity improvement is what you need in order to increase the amount of tasks you finish in a day or within a period of time. Everybody needs more productivity, whether at work, at home or even while doing a hobby.

If it were only simple to have motivation and do something anytime and every time in order to make more results in what we do, personal productivity improvement should not be a problem anymore. However, we are not "robots" and you should not consider acting like one because it could lead you to "over stress" and frustrations.

Only some bosses can come to think that their employees are like robots whose purpose is just to keep working and working for the company. While the boss counts quotas and results.

Understand Yourself First

You should know that people have "emotions" and are "free moral agents." Of course we need to work to live and do something we like for personal achievement. Before anything else, you must understand yourself first.

Consider these questions:

  • What is my purpose for my job?
  • What is my objective with my task?
  • Do the things I do have meaning for me?
  • What will I attain with the tasks and activities I’m doing now?
  • Am I happy or excited with what I do?

These are some basic questions you can think and reflect for yourself. Of course, you can think of other things that concern you personally. The point is that everyone has motives and aspirations in life and wants to achieve something for different reasons.

If you can settle these personal questions first like the ones listed above, then it would become easier for you to have personal productivity improvement. It’s not that you’re just trying to do it but you’ll see the difference naturally and effectively.

What Makes You Move?

At work for example, what makes you do more with the things that you do?

  • Is it simply for money which is your salary so you can buy what you need or help your family?
  • Is it recognition from friends, peers or associates?
  • Are you inspired by someone at work?
  • Are you seeking for a good position and better benefits?
  • Do you want to buy certain things, travel to different places or explore other things?

Yes, of course as an employee you’re required by your boss to make good performance and produce better results. This is an expectation you need to fulfill and it is also a motivator at work. If a boss or superior have good leadership and management skills, it can make a lot of difference. It can motivate you more!

Some bosses, superiors or managers are good with how they treat their staff with personal issues and help them towards making better work performance and ethics. This is part of great leadership traits that not all leaders have.

Personal productivity improvement is easier if you’re having fun with what you do. Personal time management becomes easier for you in the process. Work can be stressful at times, but if you feel excited with what you do and you're desiring to do more than average then it’s not simply work but also play right? 

Overcome What can Slow You Down

Something important you should know is that there are things which can lower your personal productivity. Some people do not notice it and some do not admit it even if they know about it, but being able to manage and overcome it can boost your productivity a lot.

These are the things that can make you feel low or "down" with yourself personally.

The problem of anxiety symptoms can affect you much in your work. It can slow you down emotionally and spiritually. Anxiety is something that can interrupt you anytime and reduce your productivity significantly.

If there’s something troubling you giving worries and fears to you, don’t let it stay but act on solving it right away. Too much stress can also decrease your productivity.

When you try to do so much without having sufficient breaks and enjoyment in life you can feel that you "had it too much" and you may lose your motivation and find it hard to bring it back again.

There should be work-life balance as part of your personal time management. Balance of work and enjoyment goes hand in hand for attaining and maintaining personal productivity improvement. Inspiration and meaning in life are also important elements.

Without solving these things it could lead towards procrastination several times and even depression which can further decrease productivity.

Will and Strength

Another thing which is not usually considered by some is health and fitnessThey may think that you just have to have the will to do it and force yourself to do it, but consider that it is the body that responds to the will of your mind. So if your body is not in good shape, it won’t perform well even if you force it much.

There can be better personal time management if you have a fit body and best practices in life. It will give you improved condition when doing things. You should give time for exercise each day. Adjust your morning routine and get organized on how you do things.

Doing these things doesn’t only give you discipline but also improve your health and well being which can prevent you from having sicknesses. 

All these things can contribute to your personal productivity improvement and personal development.

The foods you eat can also affect your personal productivity. You can avoid eating foods that are too heavy on "carbohydrates" and foods that have too much cholesterol, grease and starch for example. Such foods can make you feel "heavy" after eating and they can lead towards "obesity" in due time which can make your body less active during your work.

Personal Productivity Improvement Tools

daily planner for example, can be very useful for getting you reminded of the things you need to do in a day and in sequence according to your time schedule and a weekly planner can be used for weekly scheduling. These are some of the time management tools that can help you.

If you can organize your schedule well and follow it with commitment then you’ll realize that your time is not being spent on doing other things that are not productive. You’ll see that your productivity is getting better because time is not being wasted.

You can also train yourself in a fun and entertaining way by playing time management games during your free times.

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These are all for your personal productivity improvement which you can use. You should also develop timesavers which can help you avoid moments of distraction that can waste your time.

Deal with the Weakness

People with disorders like Dyslexia, Bipolar, and ADHD which can weaken performance and reduce productivity should learn how to deal with the weakness in order to achieve more in life. 

If any of these disorders is affecting you or anyone you know then you should read on these topics:

For your personal productivity improvement, you should gain knowledge, understanding and develop coping skills so that sicknesses can be managed properly.

What can You Gain?

When you’re doing better with your work and there’s personal productivity improvement, you should learn to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Try treating yourself by having some fun and leisure during your day-offs:

  • You can go out with family or friends or your mate to have some enjoyment.
  • You can buy something you like which can make you appreciate your work efforts.
  • You can go to other places for relaxation and sightseeing.

There are many ways to reward yourself in exchange for the efforts and motivation you give at work. This way you won’t get tired of your desire to improve yourself.

Learning and applying the principles of personal productivity improvement can also help you become a dynamic leader.

It is a gift to have family or friends or someone special who encourages you during the ups and downs of your life. Support from others can surely help you with your productivity improvement.

Personal productivity improvement is important to anyone not only at work but also in the home when doing chores and taking care of the family. Any activity in life needs productivity and accomplishment which is important. The more you get to improve productivity the more you get successful in life.

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