Aiding Dyslexia Symptoms

Dyslexia symptoms

Dyslexia symptoms can happen to anyone even from the early years of age. Dyslexia is a certain disorder that can make learning and performing more difficult. It can also be present on later ages such as teens and adulthood.

It is true that Dyslexia can waste time because of its effects on someone’s learning and performance. However, you can learn different ways of Dyslexia treatments so you can make the problem lighter and easier.

The first thing you should know about Dyslexia treatments are the symptoms of a Dyslexic.

Dyslexia Symptoms to Recognize

Knowing Dyslexia symptoms or signs is important so that you can take necessary action on it early in order to prevent further troubles and misunderstandings on anyone who may be having the symptoms.

Here are the common symptoms:

  • There are speech difficulties such as delays on words and uneasiness on rhyming words
  • Hardships on blending sounds in order to produce words
  • Retrieving words are difficult and usually makes wrong spellings
  • Difficulty on memorization and reading aloud to students
  • Writing letters in reverse form
  • Easily distracted by sounds

Further symptoms that are usually observed and seen:

  • Difficulty in understanding a sentence
  • Difficulty in writing and basic mathematics
  • Making reverse letters or "mirror writing"
  • Difficulty in writing stories and making summaries
  • Following instructions is difficult
  • May have problems with symbolic speeches like similes and metaphors

If you feel that you have some of these symptoms that is affecting your lifestyle then you should give special attention to it.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD symptoms have some similarities with the Dyslexia symptoms however they’re also different in some ways.

Like Dyslexia, ADHD can also happen in the early years of age. It is commonly known as ADHD in children. This disorder can also be present in the later years of life which is known as ADHD in adults.

You should know more about ADHD treatment so you can be more aware of the proper solutions you can take if you or anyone has this kind of trouble.

What Caused It?

The cause of Dyslexia is that it is often inherited. Meaning, it is passed from one generation to another within the family. It is a genetic condition of the brain which affects the processing of information. 

A person with Dyslexia may have procrastination tendencies when doing tasks because of the inconveniences in their performance.

Some might think that a Dyslexic (someone with Dyslexia) won’t succeed in life. However, there are people with this kind of problem that are brilliant, intelligent and quick. So there is always hope for them but they only need proper aids or supports which can make their condition easier and more manageable.

The Dyslexia Treatments to Make It Easier

Now after understanding the Dyslexia symptoms and what Dyslexia is. You should know how to manage it in order to help save the time and improve the performance of whoever is affected.

It will also save you much time because you’ll know effective Dyslexia treatments you can use.

1. You should call a doctor as soon as you discovered someone having difficulties in learning how to read and having Dyslexia symptoms especially during the early years and period of language development in the brain.

This is in order to prevent the disorder and experience of the person from getting worse, this is a priority for Dyslexia treatments.

2. In writing letters, seek to improve a child’s correspondence between graphemes and phonemes. Graphemes deal with the written while Phonemes deal with the spoken letters.

This should be related between reading and spelling.

3. To make ease of reading and comprehension:

  • Use thick and non-shiny paper.
  • Use easy to read Sans Serif fonts like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.
  • Use large dark fonts on a light background.
  • For emphasis use bold instead of underline and italics, borders and boxes can help.
  • Put sufficient spaces between texts and line spacings, avoid crowded paragraphs. Columns should not be close to each other. Use bullet points rather than continuous texts.

For more ease of reading:

  • Make sentences simple and short as possible and use active words.
  • The use of pictures, graphics and drawings can help.
  • Don’t use shortcuts for words like abbreviations and jargons. Avoid wrong spellings.
  • Use charts and graphs for easier explanation and description.

Further Dyslexia Treatments:

4. In the study area, avoid unnecessary noises and distractions.

5. Help manage stress and anxiety in order to make it easier for the Dyslexic. Stress should be reduced as much as possible so that the dyslexic would be able to perform well in a job. This natural way of Dyslexia treatments should be monitored so psychological troubles won't get worse. 

6. A person with Dyslexia symptoms should be trained through a structured language multi-sensory program which is facilitated by instructors with direct guidance.

7. Provide patience, understanding and personal support to the Dyslexic. Help set goals, give encouragements and rewards in order to support emotionally and help the person succeed in life, in relationships and at work. This is one of the important Dyslexia treatments you can do.

8. Care and love will definitely inspire and motivate anyone to improve.

The Dyslexia symptoms are long term in the life of a person but using the proper approach, natural Dyslexia treatments and prevention, a person can learn to read and write betterThe use of special teaching methods and right learning environment will help a lot with the progress.

A teacher who is trained to teach people with Dyslexia symptoms know the right methods to use and can customize a teaching plan depending on the overall condition of the student.

These Dyslexia treatments will definitely help a Dyslexic save time in learning and achieve more in life. It will also help you save time if you’re supporting someone who is Dyslexic. Even if someone has Dyslexia symptoms, but having the right attitude and support, that person will surely succeed in life!

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