"5 Great Leadership Traits
Of People Who Excel"

Leadership traits

Good leadership traits make the difference between an individual who can lead and the ordinary person. An effective leader has certain qualities that make her/him capable of doing things that are more challenging and requires responsibility.

Not all people within a group would lead, but there is one who is most capable of doing it and with a few adjustments she/he can lead the group and give it direction.

Having leadership characteristics doesn’t usually happen when you were born, it’s created and you or anyone can have good leadership skills if you develop the right character within you.

Here are great leadership characteristics of people who can lead others:

1. Initiative and Confidence

First of all, you can become the leader of the group if you have the initiative. Not everyone wants to become the leader in the first place because some are nervous, some feel they’re not capable and some are simply shy about it.

Leadership traits need "boldness" and the voluntary attitude of taking care of problems.

There may be several leadership characteristics like exceptional talents and skills however many people who have these things don’t usually lead or they’re not interested to do it. Leadership qualities are something else, it has a "driving force" to move others forward in the right direction and maintain good harmony within the group.

Practicing daily affirmations can help you develop a positive mindset so you can build more confidence within you.

2. Responsible and Brave

It is important for leadership characteristics, to be responsible. Again, not all people have this trait and it can be hard for most people being responsible, yet this is very important for proper living.

You can develop your leadership characteristics if you can start being responsible with yourself. It can start with the tasks you have to take care of at home, then in the workplace or school. A sense of responsibility can improve productivity and avoid certain problems that can happen because there’s the attitude of taking care of things.

If you’re mindful of what needs to be done and work on finishing what is required of you, there will be progress and you’ll avoid conflicts and obstacles from an unfinished job. Certain leadership traits like being responsible should be part of personality development.

You should also develop braveness so you can handle your responsibilities better because you’re living in a world full of challenges.

Aside from using positive affirmations, you should also work on getting yourself organized for improving your leadership characteristics.

Braveness starts with positive thinking and negative thinking brings out unnecessary fear. Braveness should not be about recklessness, but should be about "forward thinking" that overcomes trials and challenges with wisdom.

It can be developed through experience and strengthening of your values that’s why it would help you to have a personal development plan to make it happen.

3. Right Skills and Knowledge

You may have the most important leadership traits and become the leader of the group because of it however, you still need some skills and knowledge for the things that your group will do. Skills and knowledge as part of leadership characteristics can be developed and improved gradually, but you should at least have the basics of these.

It is a great "plus" if you’re skillful and talented already however, leadership qualities like this can be developed through hard work and perseverance especially having the willingness to grow.

You can plan your learning using a weekly calendar to monitor your improvement. You should have an ongoing schedule to improve what you know and don’t simply stop with what you have already.

Good leadership characteristics involve learning and improving the right abilities for the right application. Surely you can’t study chemistry to be used for house architecture right?

It may take some time to develop outstanding skills and knowledge, but if you have the other important leadership traits you can ask help and support from your group so you can develop faster. And after all, you will not be doing everything if you’re the leader but you should still have the motivation to grow better and better.

Another thing is that as you learn from your group members, your group members will also learn from you. The leader and member relationship is like "give and take" also. It would also help you if you have soft skills as part of your leadership characteristics.

4. Servant Leadership Traits

Leadership traits would include your ability to command or assign tasks to do with your members however, leadership characteristics would also include being a good example to them.

Your group members would become closer and responsive to you if you can also do some of the things that they do especially if the group needs extra help in emergency situations.

Leadership qualities like servant leadership can help unite your group with you and it is important to develop group unity so that your members can work in harmony and be able to produce more and better results.

You can also implement icebreaker games for your group occasionally in order to make your group more comfortable with each other.

As mentioned earlier, soft skills are something important that you should work on so you can communicate with your group well and acting as a servant leader would also help your group learn from you and understand your instructions better.

5. Flexibility and Resourcefulness

Are you flexible or you would stick to certain standards and patterns of activity? Leadership traits should include being able to adjust yourself for certain situations and when the need arises.

While organizational skills are important in being able to "fit" in every situation or circumstance, your group should also be dynamic because there may be times when things will go against your favor. There may be times when things become hard because it is against your usual practice or habit.

This is why "open mindedness" is one of the leadership characteristics that should be developed. Open mindedness helps you become resourcefulResourcefulness, as part of your leadership qualities removes the barriers that limit you when uncertain problems surprise you.

With a flexible attitude and resourceful thinking, you’ll be able to act quickly and make more accurate solutions when needed. You should give time with your personal development and using a monthly calendar can help you monitor this.

This will definitely save you time and trouble. This will lead you and your group closer to success!

Leadership traits are the qualities that will make you more respectable in the eyes of other people, not only in your outward appearance but also inward. These leadership characteristics will enable you to lead others in the right direction and results.

These leadership qualities will also save you tons of time and help you avoid many frustrations caused by unwanted faults.

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