Practice Positive Affirmations
To Lift Up Your Self Esteem

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are words of statements you can use to overcome those negative thoughts that interfere with your progress and success in life. They are words that you make firm to yourself with the use of your imagination so you can improve the way you run your life.

Using positive daily affirmations can help you change the way you think. Your mind is very influential with the things that you do.

If you’re usually having negative thoughts on things it will be hard for you to find those good results you’re looking for. You should begin to learn how to neutralize and change the direction of your thoughts with positive affirmations and it can also serve as a natural remedy for anxiety problems.

Using daily affirmations is also known to help relieve stressFor example: Instead of saying to yourself "It may be hard for me to do it," you can say instead, "Let me do something about it."

Another one: instead of thinking that, "Things might not turn out right when I go for it," you can think that, "Things may go well if I do my best."

It’s not bragging it’s just being optimistic with yourself and your performance will become different!

Daily Affirmations You Can Use 

Affirmations for Abundance

  • I’m blessed with all the things that I have
  • There are many things I can share with others
  • I will always have enough money for the things that I need
  • The things that I need are complete as God provides me everything

Affirmations for Health

  • I love myself for what I am I nourish my body well
  • Every part of my body is full of vibrancy
  • I heal quickly and I overcome sicknesses
  • I’m feeling stronger and I can do lots of things

Affirmations for Happiness

  • Life is full of fun and exciting things happen
  • I have great hopes for my dreams
  • I’m filled with joy because I find peace in God
  • There’s always an opportunity for relaxation, laughter and smiling

Affirmations for Weight Loss

  • My weight is improving greatly with every exercise
  • Regular exercise is fun it gives me more energy
  • Healthy foods really bring outstanding health
  • I’m getting livelier and quicker as I exercise

Affirmations for Love

  • My love for others return to me many times over
  • I deserve anyone’s love because I make myself lovable
  • Let love conquer all problems in life
  • I love myself for who I am, I’m great the way I am!

About Positive Affirmations

Using daily affirmations is not lying to yourself nor being unrealistic with your current situation. You do this practice of daily affirmations so you can create a new and better outcome and better results with the things that happen in your life.

Your mind is very active and it thinks a lot every minute of the day. It goes everywhere or anywhere and our thoughts have "no boundaries." The mind thinks of all sorts of things like:

  • Your surroundings and its atmosphere
  • About other people and what they think
  • Events, situations and circumstances
  • Your feelings, ideas and concerns
  • The things that have happened, the things that are happening and those that will still happen

There are many areas of thought were your mind dwells and there are times that you are being limited of the things you can do about them because of the way you usually think. Positive affirmations can help you go beyond these limits through building self esteem.

Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem

Self esteem exercises using positive affirmations can help in overcoming procrastination tendencies. It can also make your productivity more effective because you gain more self confidence with yourself. Tendencies of analysis paralysis can also be reduced.

Having good self confidence with the help of daily affirmations can improve your personality development a lot. The things you usually say to yourself like when you "self talk" in your mind as you think of different things and the way you think about them create your overall perspective on everything.

It becomes your habit which is your practice, then it determines how you do something.

The effects of positive daily affirmations relate very much with this famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. 

Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny."

Something you should remember about your positive affirmations is that it should be related to the current situation or the "present" not based on the past and not for the future. Your change should begin now because that’s what you’re trying to achieve for your present condition.

How Much Change Will Happen

At first you might think that using daily affirmations as self esteem exercises will change things immediately. But you should know that while daily affirmations can change things and help with getting things done, it’s "not like magic" or instant gratification.

You still have to think and act on the things that you do like having:

  • Right and sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Effective tools and means for doing
  • Strategies and sound decision making

Taking action and exerting effort is part of creating a better life. Yet positive affirmations can also give you a better reason for living and personal happiness.

Make Effective Daily Affirmations

When making positive affirmations, you should remember that it must be simple yet meaningful. But you should avoid perfectionism when doing things because it will take much of your time and energy, stressing you out unnecessarily.

It may lead to depression in the worst case if you cannot make something you expect to happen. 

Positive daily affirmations also function as depression natural remedies. This is another helpful benefit you can have. It can empower you in building self esteem so you can see again the wonderful things in life.  

Daily affirmations can help you develop better attitudes and habits gradually improving productivity levels and it should help renew things not conflict with your current personality and emotions. You should learn to admit your current behaviors and weaknesses so you can have a faster change with yourself.

Positive daily of affirmations can serve as a helpful ADHD treatment to anyone suffering from ADHD symptoms.

Even those who are experiencing Bipolar symptoms can have a better condition using daily affirmations as a practice for building self esteem.

As a whole daily affirmations can help you accomplish the things that you plan like when you’re using your planners as you try to follow a course of timely tasks.

Applying positive daily affirmations can create that dimension in your life that leads to a world of better hopes and promises. As self esteem exercises, you can feel that you’re greater than before and you’ll be able to do and produce more results that you have never thought of before.

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