Working On Personality Development For The Better You

Personality development

Personality development can become your advantage in life as you interact and socialize with different people around you.

Aiming to improve your personality is always a "plus" for you as it will open many opportunities and chances in life that you never think can happen. This happens because you become a "better person."

Yet, some people do not think about this and they tend to stay the way they are. There’s not much growth in them.

When you invest in personality development, you can expect that you’ll be getting along with others better and good things will come into your life just to name a few:

  • A higher paying job
  • Better friends
  • Success
  • Peace of mind

What is Personality About

In our society, your personality can be defined as your pattern of behavior and attitude towards the things that happen in your life.

Your personality is determined by some through different things such as:

  • The way you communicate and move
  • The way you do things and solve problems
  • The way you dress and your etiquette
  • And other things that people can observe about you

Striving for personal development may need some time and willingness and it will surely become your "asset" someday which is priceless!

Developing your personality would be much easier and smoother if you use a personal development plan which is a way of making progress in your growth through a period of time in a scheduled manner.

People have different personalities or a way of behaving and that includes you. The basic factors involved is what you have started during your childhood.

This includes things such as:

  • The way you were raised
  • Your physical, mental and emotional condition and family status
  • Your environment and the people around you which can be a big influence

However, your personality is not permanent according to what you are before that’s why there’s personality development and it can be changed or improved for better or for worse. This is a reality of life.

What is a Good Personality?

Because there can be "bad personality," you should know what is a good personality and how you can develop that. With the help of personal development plans you would be more organized in building the right personality.

To get organized is one aspect that should happen. It would be faster if you apply good organizing ideas in your home.

Speaking of good personality development, to give you an idea on how you should work on improving yourself our society looks at different factors such as:

1. The way you look, are you attractive enough? Do you look decent and neat. This includes the way you dress depending on where you’re going and what type of activity you’re going to partake in.

2. The way you communicate and act. Do you speak fluently and get along with the people around you? Do you get better attention when you present or share something? This includes the positive reaction of people towards the things you do especially with your attitude.

3. The way you drive others’ enthusiasm. Are you influential enough, that people are interested in what you do and what you think. Some people have this power called "charisma" which makes them an exemption from the crowd.

The way you take care of things and your environment may also reflect your personality. Clutter control aside from getting organized will be recognized by many people.

If you think that you’re not close to any of these traits don’t worry because these things can be developed and whatever you see wrong in your personality can be changed for the better. It would definitely take some time and you cannot change things overnight.

Your Personality Development and Time

When you’re having personality development there would definitely improvement in your personal time management. These two things can go naturally together.  

There would be better work-life balance in your life. Consider that things will be much easier for you if you adapt a simple living lifestyle.

Some time management techniques you can apply to your personal development to improve productivity and make more out of your time are productivity lifehacks.

It would also be ideal to develop a good morning routine for each day you start.

You may include these things in your personal development plans.

The Positive Personality

Working on positive personal development will enable you to do a lot of things in life because your mind will be open to a lot of things and you’ll be motivated to make some progress. Using positive affirmations can help you condition your mind on the right direction.

A negative personality won’t bring pleasant things in your life and it starts with the way you think of things then it is reflected and seen with your actions on how you do things.

It is a remarkable leadership trait to be a "positive thinker" because you’re going to guide a group of people and make important decisions for them. There will be promising and rewarding outcomes when you think and lead properly such as better opportunities and rewards.

You can implement icebreaker games for small groups to encourage a positive mood condition within your team or group. Practicing daily affirmations as part of personality development can drastically change your behavior towards society including your family and friends.

Planning and Growing in It

Personal development happens through a period of time if you’ll follow a personal development plan. You should schedule well on when certain traits and attitudes should be developed and their sequence according to priority.

You can also use weekly calendars or planners to monitor daily improvements and monthly calendars so you can visualize your progress better.

It is very advisable to attend personal development seminars and classes. There are different kinds of programs available for you which focus on different topics. These programs are usually progressive or by levels as you finish each and gradually improve yourself.

You should also take note and remind yourself about the things you need to do so that your growth will be more consistent. It would require patience and dedication. It may take different lengths of time for each trait and characteristic of personality to develop.

Working on your personal development can be your best investment in life because a dynamic and strong personality which affects other people can make great things happen which will give you favor and opportunities.

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