"7 Effective Time Management Techniques And Lifehacks"

Strategies You can Do to Make Things Easier
and Produce More Results

Effective time management techniques

Effective time management techniques as lifehacks can be used to make things easier or make a shortcut for doing things effectively.

As you start applying these time management strategies for each day, getting things done will be easier for you. You’ll also realize personal productivity improvement with the things that you do.

Here are 7 useful lifehack techniques you can do so you can have more with your time:

1. Start with a Good Start

Prepare everything at the start of the day as part of your morning routine.

That includes things you’ll do for the rest of the day so you can avoid mistakes which can slow you down at the same time make things easier for you such as:

  • Arranging and sorting the things you’ll bring outside when going to work or doing other things
  • Scheduling your tasks for the whole day, you can use a daily planner as your guide. A to-do list reminder can be very useful too.
  • Prepare yourself as you get organized do the things you’re best doing early in the morning such as work activity, assignment and projects.
  • Groom yourself well like: cleaning and washing yourself, brushing your teeth and dressing well.
  • Avoid tardiness at work or anywhere it will waste your time and give you a bad record. Go earlier in advance time like 15 mins. to 30 mins. ahead.

Effective time management techniques on how you start your day affects how much you can accomplish for the whole day. 

How you present yourself to other people can influence your success throughout the day, this is why personality development is also important.

Learn to apply positive affirmations throughout the day. Meditate on it at the start of your day for a few minutes to help set-up your moods for action.

2. Prioritize and Concentrate

Personal productivity is not only about spending more time with the things that you do, you must also learn to have focus and maintain momentum on important things needed to be done during the day.

Jump ahead early on your important task which makes overcoming procrastination easier. You should divert your attention away from other minor activities that are more pleasurable such as computer games and having "thoughts of fantasy." This is because you might realize later on that you haven’t done much at the end of the day.

Getting things done is what you’re after when you have an obligation, so you must go directly in this direction as part of your effective time management techniques.

You should also learn how to say no to certain requests from other people when necessary if it will make it harder for you to finish your priority. Some requests can be postponed for later or another day, if needed to be done.

3. Avoid Distractions and "Timestealers"

There can be many distractions during the day and these can steal away your time from major things you have to finish such as:

  • Too much checking of emails including various letters not related to work
  • Unnecessary phone calls with other people especially long conversations
  • Visiting social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without any relation to work. Unless they’re used for marketing tools and work activities.
  • Unnecessary texting or messaging with other people
  • Chatting and gossiping with co-workers about different things

As part of your effective time management techniques, you should know that these things can break your momentum with work and it will be harder to bring that momentum back when needed again. You can have more timesavers as you get to overcome the temptation of these activities.

4. Don't Compare Yourself

Effective time management techniques include not comparing yourself with other people because this can lose your inspiration and make you anxious. This can even make you procrastinate when you start feeling "Not good enough."

Some people might be better than you are, but you should think that you’re still getting better. Yet, you could be better on other things that they’re not good at. Thinking this way can be one of your natural remedies for anxiety.

Avoid perfectionism and don’t overdo things. It can stress you out and you also need breaks from time to time to avoid losing motivation. Relaxation time is also needed as you learn how to reduce stress.

5. Conditioned for Working

Creating effective time management techniques should include a comfortable or "conducive" working place. This is because the good condition and conveniences of your workplace can influence a lot with the things that you do which can keep you "on the go." 

Things for you to consider:

1. A cool workplace is more comfortable for anyone to work with compared to a hot environment where you will feel sweaty, thirsty and being drained of energy. Work in a place where there’s a cool temperature if possible with air-conditioning.

2. A clean and clear working space is necessary so you can move around well and conduct work without obstacles lying around which can distract your good performance.

You should have clutter control and organize things so that everything is in its rightful place avoiding confusions. There are many good organizing ideas you can apply for this.

3. Prepare a comfortable chair, a proper desk to work at and the tools you need. You should include the things that can make your work easier for you.

6. Fixing Mistakes and Arguments

Effective time management techniques is not only about improving performance, it also involves making good relationships with other people. This is very influential for personal productivity and getting things done.

There are several causes of anxiety problems which are usually related to conflicts with other people. These are emotional and psychological troubles that happen when people don’t get along or disagree with small or big things. These can stun you and divert away your energies from being productive.

When these things are not solved for a long time it may lead to feelings of depression which can make the situation worse.

Things you can do:

1. Take initiative in repairing relationships don’t let your problems with somebody take long if possible settle it before the end of the day. The longer the problem takes, the harder it will be for you to fix it. Don’t wait for the other person to make a move first because you don’t know when he/she will do it.

2. If you’re the one who made a "shortcoming" or mistake admit it and take responsibility and do something that can make-up for what you did.

3. If the other person made a mistake, tell it to the person because he/she might not notice the effects of what was done. If the person is fully aware, deal with it anyway and tell the person what you feel about it and that it should not happen again.

You have to put your feelings out. Don’t contain it within yourself because it will grow worse. 

It would be better for you to keep a good relationship with other people rather than seeing and working everyday with someone that you cannot get along with. There would be conflicts, non-cooperation, rivalries and strife.

With this condition, it would be harder for you to be productive and it can even lead to sleep deprivation at times.

Solving relationship problems as part of lifehacks can also be one of your depression natural remedies and this would help you a lot.

When there’s harmony and camaraderie with other people, work will be much easier and lighter than you think. Work can be more exciting too!

7. Delegation for Effective Time Management Techniques

One of the most helpful effective time management techniques you can have is the ability to delegate other tasks properly. You can delegate minor tasks that can take your time to other people while you focus on the major tasks that are more important.

You can delegate things like:

  • Doing the lawn
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Buying groceries
  • Cleaning the house
  • Doing the laundry

This can save you lots of time, but there are times when you might have to spend some money doing it. This is like when you hire the services of someone or when you have to give allowances to your family members sometimes when they help you.

It’s well worth it because you create more important time for yourself and it’s like using your money to have extra time.

Effective time management techniques as lifehacks for personal productivity are useful strategies and ways you can do, so things would be easier for you as you try to make more achievement each day.

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