The To-Do Lists Advantages
Rarely Imagined

To-do lists are simple yet reliable tools that are not commonly used however do you know that this kind of tool can help you a lot with managing your time and completing your tasks?

This tool has advantages that’s not usually thought.

For example it can prevent you from forgetting things needed to be done in a day.

When you can easily access your list and get reminded of what should be done.

Making effective to do lists will definitely improve your productivity at work or whatever you do.

A good list is just a simple list using a piece of paper with a pen or pencil for writing. It can be a good support for getting things done.

Best Practices

You just need to know the efficient practices of using to-do lists so you can realize how useful this tool is.

Use a clean and clear piece of paper so that you can read well what you write.

Here is an example of a list of tasks you can make:

To-do lists sample you can use

You should make priorities and number your tasks in order. Your priorities should depend on the importance and time of the day.

For example things to be done in the morning before going to work or at school should be listed first but by priority too. What’s most important should be on top over another.

If one task is highly significant, then it really needs your attention, you can put an asterisk beside it.

You don’t need to list down things that you usually do like eating breakfast and taking a bath you just have to list those that you don’t commonly do every day because there will be the tendency to forget it.

We should admit that we cannot remember everything and missing something out can cause some anxiety or worry that we cannot avoid thinking about. This can affect you somehow as you do other things.

Put It Anywhere

You can place to-do lists anywhere you can access them and anytime in places where you’ll always remember. Here are some suggestions:

  • Place it in your wallet – this is one object you will less likely forget wherever you are.
  • Put it in your pocket – like a shirt pocket or side pocket of your pants where you usually grab something out. Even women’s dresses have pockets.
  • Insert it in your organizer or anything you use to organize your schedule and plans.
  • Put it inside your bag separated from the rest of the other stuffs inside.
  • When at home you can put it somewhere visible like the refrigerator door if your list only contains house activities.
  • When in the office you can put it on the side of your monitor screen if your list only contains office activities.

You should not put your lists in places where you can lose them or get them mixed up like in your:

  • Documents and files
  • Books and notebooks
  • Envelopes and papers

No Need to Remember Too Much

Being able to accomplish your tasks with the help of to-do lists can reduce the stress you encounter because you don’t have to remember everything and think of what else you need to do.

This can save you some energy which can be used for other things.

If something suddenly comes up that you need to do then you can always update your list by adding the task.

Following your to do list with importance can add more to your timesavers because you’ll be focusing more on the things you need to complete and avoid other minor activities that can take your time.

You may also need to learn how to say no to some requests asked of you so you can finish your list especially when it’s long.

If you can adapt an organized life and keep your home organized then your tasks would be easier to complete because things will be in order in the first place and there’s a practice of discipline.

Once a task is finished you can then cross it out in order to prevent any confusion with other tasks that are not done yet.

Once you have finished everything then you can dispose your list. You can create a new list to be used for the next set of tasks needed to be done.

Advice: Don’t make your lists complicated it can confuse you, simplicity is effective.

You can avoid the hassles of not doing your responsibility for other people like your family and you can prevent them following up with you with what you must do.

Using to-do lists to complete the things you need to do can also help you in creating a work-life balance.

With to-do lists you’ll be able to save valuable time by not missing anything you need to do within the day.

The only mistake you can do is when you forget to check your list.

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