"10 Relaxation Techniques
To Bring You Back In The Mood"

There are Times when
You Need Some Release

Relaxation techniques are essential ways to release stress and tiredness from daily activities and problems. It can also help relieve anxiety from fears and worries which could lead to depression and sleep deprivation.

Relaxation therapy should not be neglected even if you’re busy in life because it is important for your health. You may have experienced losing motivation from time to time when you continuously work. That is without rest which affects your personal productivity.

You should not keep this habit. Work-life balance is as important as your personal achievements.

Here are practical relaxation techniques you can use in order to keep you in condition:

1. Clear & Quiet Relaxation Meditation

A deep meditation is one of the most common relaxation which can help clear the mind of stressing thoughts.

One of the effective relaxation techniques you can practice

a. Go to a peaceful and quiet environment like a park or a closed room when doing this relaxation therapy.

b. Take a comfortable posture like sitting or lying down then close your eyes.

c. Think of nothing, put away all those thoughts you regularly have and let your mind wander freely.

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Relaxation techniques like relaxation meditation can also help you get organized with your thoughts as this practice also promotes focus and inner peace.

2. Deep Breathing Relaxation Exercises

An easy relaxation is the art of deep breathing which is also good for removing feelings of tension in the body.

Do this several times. Inhale deeply holding your breath then exhale smoothly. Don’t do it quickly. As they say it "inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale..." You can do this with your eyes opened or closed.

This relaxation therapy can be done anywhere, especially if you need more timesavers every day. However, it is not as comprehensive as the other relaxation techniques you can do.

3. Thoughts of Joy & Happiness

Relaxation techniques like thinking good thoughts can motivate you and make your personal problems lighter. Try remembering the good things that happened in your life which can be your relaxation therapy.

  • Remember your past achievements such as: graduations, awards, recognitions, the things you have finished and overcame, etc. instead of being perfectionist with the things you haven’t done.
  • Think of occasions and events with your family and friends when you had fun together.
  • Play your thoughts on funny moments and jokes you experienced in life.
  • Think of the things you’ll reach someday - your ambitions, aspirations and dreams. Have positive thoughts that you can have them instead of being negative.

Having an organized home can help you feel better with yourself as you see orderly surroundings. This can help you feel relaxed.

4. Yoga Relaxation Techniques

Yoga is one of the popular relaxation therapy that promotes mind and body discipline. It’s not only for clearing the mind but also relaxing exercises for muscles and joints. It also promotes good blood circulation.

Yoga exercise has a method of practice which usually needs guidance from a yoga instructor because of the movement, stretches and positions it makes.

You should consult a medical professional first before participating in yoga relaxation exercises for your medical condition.

This is a good physical relaxation which can be done with a group and can be used as an "icebreaker" to ease tensions.

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5. Simple Body Relaxing

A simple relaxation you can do is to lie down on a comfortable position in a serene and clean environment where you can breathe fresh air away from city pollution.

Appreciate the beauty of nature. You can go to the beach, park, near the waterfalls, near the mountains or any good outdoor place for this. See the trees, the birds, sky and horizons. 

Do this away from the city "concrete jungle" and from its hustle and bustle lifestyle.

If you can’t go out, you can do this in a quiet room lying down on a comfortable sofa or mattress and soft pillow for relaxation therapy.

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6. Travel and Discover

Travel and touring other places and destinations is one of those relaxation techniques that most people want to do if they have the money for it. It is both exciting and adventurous.

There are many good tourist destination spots to choose from and it can take your thoughts away from the busyness of your work and activities.

Have relaxation for your mind with other interesting things, sights and cultures of this world.

You might say that "there’s a big world out there that I’ve never seen yet!"

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Seeing and discovering new places and things can widen your perspective of the world and help you open your mind. So it can be worth it to save money for travelling.

7. Gentle Tai Chi Relaxation Exercises

Martial arts based and unique from other relaxation exercises is the Tai Chi exercise which originated from a self-defense technique adopted for relaxation therapy.

The smooth and slow flow of movements of this exercise releases stress and tension from the body and mind at the same time bringing them in good harmony.

Both young and adults can do this exercise and can be learned with the help of an instructor.

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Better check first your medical condition if this exercise is for you.

Same with the yoga exercise, it makes some stretches and poses as part of its method. Tai Chi is good for the tranquillity of the mind and it was described like a relaxation meditation in motion.

8. Body Reconditioning Massage

Have some service of massage therapy which can help loosen the tightness of your muscles and comfort those connective tissues. Relaxation therapy should include reconditioning of your body so that you can feel lighter and stronger.

Relaxation techniques should include reconditioning of your body so that you can feel lighter and stronger.

Massage relaxation therapy can also give your mind a pleasant feeling when you feel good with yourself. You’ll be ready again for the next "battles of life!"

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9. Fun in the Water Spa Therapy

Going to a spa resort can also recondition your body.

You can have a warm bath in a bathtub or hot spring as your relaxation.

You can also have a bubbly or scented bath with oils such as lavender that can soothe your body sensations, good for relaxation therapy.

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10. Do The Things You Love

You can also do the things that you love for your relaxation therapy like your personal hobbies that you enjoy such as: singing, painting, strolling, window shopping, sewing, fishing, try making easy recipes, etc.

You can also listen to a soothing music that can relax your mind which is pleasant to the ears or simply eat your favorite food but don’t overdo it, you might gain weight.

So it’s up to you. What do you like to do?

Better list down the things you can do for relaxation therapy and provide time for them. Schedule your tasks, you can use a daily planner and a weekly planner to help you with this.

Relaxation techniques can give health benefits for your overall well-being. It’s important to provide some time for this so you can cope up with the demands and pressures of the society. Whether you’re a worker or a businessman or a student, you would surely encounter some form of problem in life that needs to be relieved.

There are many kinds of relaxation techniques you can do to gain comfort depending on your choice.

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