How Franklin Planners
Work For Your Time

Franklin Planners are designed for a systematic way to get organized with your time and schedule with tasks and activities.

Many employees of companies and corporations as well as some executives have adopted the use of this system for personal time management.

Created by Hyrum W. Smith and named for Benjamin Franklin who was known to keep a small private book.

It is marketed by the FranklinCovey company which is made of several features designed to simplify effective time management.

What Does This Planner Look Like?

Sample of the systematic franklin planners

Photo Credit: bizmac via Flickr

This is an earlier version of Franklin Covey Planners. Physically the planner consists of:

  • Ring binder to hold the pages together
  • The day planner is divided by monthly tabs in-between pages
  • The tabs and pages give room for specialized accessories and useful inserts
  • Made of different sizes to suit your needs and preferences when getting things done

The standard daily section pages of Franklin Planners are designed for getting things done and helps provide timesavers which results to good personal productivity improvement.

The pages of Franklin Covey Planners consist of:

  • Two pages per day
  • Has areas or spaces for writing task priorities like that of a to-do list, description or appointment agendas and record of events for the day
  • A notes section for writing anything that suddenly happens during the day like emergencies, change of decisions, details, etc.
  • Inserts feature include a ledger sheet like what’s used in the accounting for monitoring finances and other personal uses
  • The back section or rear of the book-planner contains addresses for easy reference

It's Like a Super Planner

Similar to an organizer type of the daily planners Franklin Covey Planners has pages for consecutive days making it function like a "tickler file."

Yet this planner like weekly planners can work as an advanced planner because of its features and structure.

With a similarity to monthly planners, Franklin Covey Planners have monthly calendars throughout the years for planning.

Using this systematic planner can help relieve stress because there would be much less confusion and instability of schedules to overcome.

It would be easier to avoid procrastination which wastes time if you get organized with what you need to do.

Since achievement at work or anything you do is most important you can maximize the overall features of Franklin Planners as each part works together in combination at the same time maintaining the work- life balance you need for yourself.

One important secret of effective time management with Franklin Covey Planners is to provide time at the start of the day like 15 to 30 minutes in privacy to think, meditate and plan on your activities or tasks for the whole day.

This could be part of your morning routine to get things fully prepared.

Directions on Using the Planner

The Franklin planners have different versions.

This is another version:

Do Your Part Properly

You could have a useful planner for getting things done or you may have the best time management tools in the world but everything begins with you.

The success of your scheduling and time management will save you many anxiety troubles.

Conditioning yourself for applying the use of a planner will need personal discipline and dedication in following what you plan.

However you cannot perfect the things that you do and perfectionism shouldn’t be your habit because circumstances and unexpected things may happen anytime.

You have to learn to be flexible with the way you do things even while using daily planners.

Arrange your schedules well and do your best to follow them, this will give a higher chance of success with your planner and you would always avoid sleep deprivation as you get organized on how you do your tasks.

You should not forget to include time for relaxation because reducing stress properly will make you more productive and avoid health problems.

Don’t overdo things you should avoid too many things to handle beyond your capacity. Learn how to say no when the situation calls for it and remember your priorities, they must be done first.

Balancing your time well can be one of your natural remedies for anxiety.

Where to Get Franklin Covey Planners?

The planner is available from FranklinCovey retail stores and other office product stores. Some bookstores may have them too.

For some people Franklin Planners work for their busy lifestyles with their jobs however some prefer not to use it so you have to see it for yourself if it will work well for your personal time management.

You may also want to use our printable planners for your task planning and personal time management.

Effective planning and time management are truly important especially in group leadership when you have to be more dynamic with yourself and how you do things.

The system of Franklin Planners can work for you because of its principles of use and dynamic features for overall assistance and support which made it popular.

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