Being Aware Of Learning Disabilities And Coping Up

Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are personal weaknesses that can give problems to your personal time management because it limits your gaining and processing of information through your senses and thinking.

A learning disability can be discovered in the way a person communicates, read and write. It can be seen if they have difficulty in learning, retaining information and following instructions. Poor comprehension and understanding of things are also signs of learning disorders.

While it may seem that people with such learning disorders have difficulties in life compared to normal people there is always hope for them.

There are several people who have some form of learning disability that were successful and well-recognized such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Winston Churchill just to name some of them. If you’re experiencing some sort of learning disability, these people can be considered as your inspiration. They were successful people recorded in the books of history.

Different Learning Disabilities

There are different types of learning disorders you should be aware of. One of the most recognized is Dyslexia which is a learning disorder concerned with speaking and writing.

The Dyslexia symptoms can be seen as early as childhood and can go on until adulthood. It is a verbal learning disability which is about the difficulty in writing letters, speaking words and how they are processed.

A learning disability called Dyscalculia is related to Dyslexia and it is sometimes called "math disability" which involves the difficulty in comprehending and learning arithmetic.

Another one of the learning disorders that is also similar to Dyslexia is called Dysgraphia which is a deficiency in handwriting ability. It has a problem with storing written words in mind and how they are processed.

Learning disorders like Dyslexia creates poor comprehension and understanding of words and statements. This also makes mathematics a difficult subject for them.

Learning about how to reduce stress can comfort a person suffering from this learning disability. Overcoming fear and worry is also important and natural remedies for anxiety can be very helpful.

It would also be helpful to have clutter control around in order to avoid distractions that can make learning harder for someone with Dyslexia.

More to Know on Learning Disorders

One of the types of learning disabilities that is recognized is ADHD which means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The ADHD symptoms are different from Dyslexia but have certain similarities.

ADHD in children can be a hard experience for someone who is growing up and learning important things. ADHD makes it difficult to focus and concentrate with learning, studying and memorization which usually results to having poor grades at school.

People who have ADHD learning disorders may appear to be restless and hyperactive.

ADHD also passes into adulthood. However, the experience of ADHD in adults may become easier if the person has developed coping skills and there are ADHD treatments to help lessen the problem.

It can’t be avoided for people who have ADHD to get frustrated with the result of their performance. Applying depression natural remedies may be needed sometimes.

There is also a learning disability which is about instability in behavior, it is called Bipolar disorder. Bipolar symptoms are different from Dyslexia types and ADHD. It is a learning disorder which is about sudden changes in the mood or "mood swings" which can determine how a person performs.

It would be helpful to learn about how to relieve stress in order to reduce the effects of this learning disability.

People who were affected like with Bipolar disorder in children can experience four episodes of mood changes:

  • Mania which is described as being hyperactive and aggressive.
  • Depression which is described as having bad feelings and negative thoughts about the self.
  • Hypomania is the milder version of mania which is not an absolute extreme.
  • Mixed episode can be described as the mixture of the other three episodes.

With these different mood changes that can happen anytime, the learning of a person is greatly affected.

There are times when relaxation therapy is needed in order to tone down the negative effects of changes in behavior.

If There's a Will There's a Way

Despite the weaknesses that learning disorders can give you, there are always ways and techniques to cope up with them. Actually there are many successful people yet recognized for their accomplishments in life who have any of these learning disabilities.

To overcome and become victorious against learning disorders, the first thing you should have is awareness and knowledge about the disorder. When you know about it, you can recognize it then you’ll begin to make the right approach to the learning disability.

There are many people who have suffered from learning disabilities, yet they were not understood by other people even in their families which made it even harder for them to cope up. If you think you have a learning disability or someone you know, you should seek professional help and treatment as soon as possible.

They can offer proper ways of approach such as special teaching methods and technical aids to make it easier for the person with learning disability. Depending on the condition, a doctor may also prescribe medicine to reduce the effects of the disorder.

The awareness and understanding of learning disabilities are important so that the problem and weakness can be overcome. A person can still succeed with much hope when learning disorders are managed well. You can develop coping skills through time if you’re experiencing a learning disability and you may even achieve more than the average person.

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