Visual Learning Styles
To Enhance Your Learning

Visual learning styles

Visual learning styles are one of the study skills strategies that can help you learn quicker in addition to written and explained information.

It is proven that using visual learning activities does help students remember things and lessons better compared to those without it.

Aside from listening skills, visual learning techniques can greatly help in understanding and gaining knowledge.

There are different visual learning techniques that are being used and it can also support those who have learning disabilities.

Graphic Organizers Visual Learning Styles

A popular visual learning strategy is using graphic organizers which have different kinds of ways to represent data and information. Graphic organizers as visual learning techniques can also help you improve your reading comprehension and develop higher order  thinking.

Critical and analytical thinking skills are also developed which is important especially as part of leadership traits.

Different Graphic Organizers:

1. Venn Diagram

One of the visual learning styles that can help you

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The Venn Diagram visual learning strategy shows you every possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets.

2. Concept Mapping

Concept mapping diagram

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Another one of the visual learning techniques which show relationships among concepts is the concept mapping. Concepts are within boxes or circles which are connected by arrows. The process of relating concepts is through a down-branching hierarchical structure.

3. Flow Chart

Flow chart diagram

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One of the visual learning techniques of graphic organizers is the use of flowcharts. This is a type of diagram which represents a process or an algorithm. It uses boxes of different functions for steps which are connected by arrows. Using flowcharts also helps well with decision making.

4. Charts and Graphs of Different Forms

Pie Chart sample:

Pie chart sample

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There are also visual learning activities based on charts such as pie and bar charts.

Bar Chart sample:

Bar chart sample

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When improving how to handle your time for example, time management charts can also be used to visualize how you divide your time. 

These are just some of the graphic organizers you can use for visual learning techniques which can also help you with getting things done.

5. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping diagram

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Visual learning styles come in different forms and ways of providing information and understanding. 

Mind Mapping is one of the visual learning techniques used to outline information. Mind maps are usually around a single text, word or idea which is at the center of the diagram. It gets surrounded by concepts and ideas that are related with it. The words and ideas branch outward relating with other ideas and concepts.

6. Flash Cards

Flash cards sample

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Another of the effective visual learning activities is using flash cards were short summaries or ideas are written. Cards are re-ordered or shuffled then one is picked to read over for self-testing of knowledge.

Graphic organizers help you gain and improve your knowledge by ways of visual representation. It can also help you retain and memorize important information than just reading texts and words because you get a bigger and wider idea of things through seeing pictures and graphics.

Graphic organizer visual learning techniques show you the relationships between the parts or symbols that are linked together with each other. You can use words to assist in clarifying the meaning of the parts and symbols that are connected.

By representing information "spatially" using images and pictures, you can become more focused on the meaning of what you see and you’ll be able to reorganize similar and related ideas easier. This happens through the use of your "visual memory" when applying a visual learning strategy.

Dynamic Reminding Tool

The Evernote can be helpful to you when you need to remember things. You can keep almost all kinds of data and information such as:

  • Images
  • Documents
  • Web clips
  • E-mail
  • Voice Mail
  • Written Notes
  • Audios and more

Evernote interface:

Evernote interface

This software tool can be installed on most digital platforms such as smart phones and computers. It can be an addition to your visual learning techniques and it can get you reminded about several things when you need them like:

  • Things you need to do
  • Things you have to get
  • Places you've been to
  • People you've met
  • People you know

Acting as an Aid for Weaknesses

As mentioned earlier, people with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD can be aided with visual learning activities.

ADHD in children can be difficult for someone who is growing up and learning academics at school and this disorder will continue in adulthood called ADHD in adults.

Using visual learning styles for gaining knowledge and retaining them can be facilitated by a professional or a special teacher for those who have learning disabilities.

Visual learning styles may act as an ADHD treatment like other forms of techniques for making the problem easier.

Applying visual learning techniques does not only help students collect information, it also enables them to explore, investigate and analyze data and information better.

Visual learning styles are an advantage for anyone who’s studying and want to improve their skills. Visual learning styles can bring students closer to both academic and non-academic achievements. Critical thinking can be improved as well as reading comprehension when visual learning techniques are applied properly.

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