The Timeboxing System Of
Time Management


You can use the "timeboxing" time management system which breaks down a long and complex project or large task into smaller pieces that will be managed individually.

In this system, the deadline of tasks is fixed. However, the overall scope may be reduced. This way, your work focuses on the most important things needed to be done. It helps you give significance to prioritization and each piece of task must be accomplished according to its deadline.

Deadlines are not flexible in time-boxing, but everything else in your project can be adjusted.

For Faster Task Accomplishment

This system breaks down your large task into several sections as mentioned earlier. Each of these sections has specific guidelines for its completion.

When the boxes are first created along with their deadlines, you may see your project as very detailed. You can see a clear plan and structure with the things you need to do. As each deadline of your task that is within a box approaches, you should check if it’s near to completion.

If you think that it’s not yet about to get finished, then you should remove or skip certain parts of the task that can be compromised. This time management system helps you not to spend excessive time on each task in a box.

Timeboxing is like a Motion Picture

The timeboxing time management system can be compared to a script like that of a motion picture in a movie. The scenes are laid out in boxes with 4 to 5 scenes to be completed with each deadline. As the deadline of a task comes near, one of the scenes may be removed so you can finish completing that box section of the project on time.

Using this system does not always work in every instance. The main key to this system that you need to look at concerning your personal time management is your deadlineIn some cases if the deadline is not met, some parts of the entire project is dropped or removed as a result.

Get some Help

It would be easier for you to meet the requirements of boxing time if you can get some assistance from other people. If you can delegate some minor tasks to others, you’ll definitely get a helping hand. You can then concentrate your time and energies to more significant work.

However, delegating tasks need some skills too and you have to find the right person for the job. Like you don’t want a plumber doing your electrical system in the house right? If there’s nothing free in this world, then you can give some incentives and rewards later on to the person who will be helping you.

Why this System should be Applied

Timeboxing to some people may not be practical and can be limiting. However, some appreciate this system of personal time management strategy because of several important reasons like:

  • There’s a strict budget for the whole project.
  • Another project is waiting and there’s not much time to spare.
  • Completion of the project is needed at the right time in order for another application to work.
  • The demands of a client or customer must be satisfied on time.

Timeboxing is doable if you’re willing to be flexible with yourself and the main objective is to finish the project on time. The rewards of making this time management system work is that you get to finish large tasks on time which saves you time in the process and satisfy the requirements you need to accomplish.

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