Student Time Management Skills
For A College Student 

Student time management skills

Student time management skills should be developed for college as there is the tendency to cram every time examinations are nearing.

There may be times you’ll experience that you need to practice for a sports game while you and your classmates will have a group study at the same day. In such a situation what will you prioritize? It can be difficult when you think about it, but it is the reality among many college students.

Effective time management is an important factor in reaching a successful college career. Many people know that college life can be full of surprises including lots of homework and projects. There can be endless reviews and examinations plus other things to do.

If you don’t use proper student time management skills you’ll experience quite a hard time organizing different commitments and appointments.

Unlike in High School Days

During your high school days you’ll notice that you are dealing with the same subject matter every day. High school is more fixed when it comes to schedule. However, things are different in college. College classes do not meet on a daily basis.

There can be times that your next class is 2 to 3 hours after or more so there is much free time for you to do anything like playing a game. If you have a habit of playing games or hanging out somewhere, remember that you should always be aware of your time or else your college life and career may get sacrificed.

Student Time Management Skills
to Maximize Your Time

Here are some time management techniques you can use in dealing with your different activities at college while minimizing your stress levels.

Tip No. 1: Use a Time Chart

In making better time management, using a time chart is recommended.

Time management for college can be easier if you can find the best time for your different types of activities you’ll be involved with. College students like you have a unique time management challenge in particular parts of your schedule that are fixed and with lots of free time in-between.

It would definitely help you to add some additional structure to your schedule based on the times that you think is best suited for your different activities. For example, you can set studying some mathematical and design problems during your free time in-between two easier subjects.

Not only you were able to manage your activities, you are also keeping your mind away from some stress that you may experience. It can also add more balance to your schedule. Some college students focus too much on studying that they forget other kinds of activities like recreation, sports and social events.

Tip No. 2: Prioritize What You Do

Student time management skills like prioritizing is one of the most important principles that should be applied when taking care of different tasks. Yet, making the effort to prioritize is one of the most common problems for people when it comes to personal time management.

Being able to decide what tasks should be done first or second can be difficult especially if you think that all these tasks are your priorities. You should learn to identify and select the tasks that must be prioritized first. It is essential for you to know where to spend your time with at the right time.

To help you figure out which tasks must be prioritized first, here are some guides that you can refer to which can improve your student time management skills.

Knowing your priorities will help you fix your schedule much better resulting in a more effective time management for college.

1. The Reward you’ll get: Ask yourself what things give you the greatest joy. As you sort out your personal priorities, you should look at factors of personal fulfillment.

You will find out that there is real satisfaction in doing what you’re good at. In other words you should do the things that will give you something good in the end.

2. What is Required of you: When you feel overwhelmed by obligations and duties you should stop first and work on sorting out your “must do” from your “choose to do” tasks.

It is true that there are many obligations for you to handle. However, you cannot commit to all the obligations in this world. You should ask yourself and reflect on what are the things that are required of you.

3. The Best Results: When you’re sorting out your priorities, you should ask yourself about what things would give you favorable results in return. You should spend most of your time working on things of your greatest strengths and talents.

You would not waste your time and effort in doing something that you know will not give you the favorable result that you want.

College life is a great time for you to have some experiment with new things. Setting your priorities will help you balance these new experiences with a focus for the things that really matter to you.

Tip No. 3: Prevent Having Over-Commitment and Doing Too Much

Exerting too much effort on a certain activity can lead you to excessive stress, pressure and even burnout. You should remember that when you take on something, you are declining everything else that you could have done with that time.

As part of student time management skills, it’s important to have balance with how you use your time. Learn to distribute your time well so that all of the tasks that need to be given time and effort are satisfied.

Tip No. 4: Take the Habit of Writing Things Down

The habit of writing things down using an effective time management system can help you remember even the smallest detail of your activity especially during your classes when there are discussions and explanation of topics.

You should avoid memorizing too much because the brain can forget information. This can be more of a problem to you if you really need the information and you can’t remember it.

You should learn to enjoy your college life while taking care of all your responsibilities. Use your effective student time management skills so you can get rid of a miserable lifestyle during college.

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