Personal Goal Setting Activities
For Good Time Management

Personal goal setting activities

Personal goal setting activities are time management strategies you can use for overall effective use of your valuable time.

This includes your personal and professional life because it acts as an important key with the overall things that you do. It helps you become a productive individual as you learn to use time wisely.

"Goals" is a term which includes any number of specific tasks which you need to complete. This covers from household chores to major business projects. The tasks you need to perform have different lengths of time. They can either be short, medium or long-term goals depending on the amount of time available for you to complete them.

Working on your personal goals would need your understanding of each length of goals.

Short-term Goals are Short

Short-term goals can be identified as your daily goals. This would usually include your everyday routine such as:

  • Household chores
  • Work from your job that needs to be finished immediately
  • Assignments you need to submit right away

Your effective time management should include having a list of short-term goals which you have to complete on a daily basis. It should be doable for a short period of time.

Medium-term for Personal Goal Setting Activities

Medium-term goals could have lengths of one week to one month of time for completion. This depends on the amount of time that is available for you. Medium-term goals are obviously longer than short-term goals and can take a while to finish, but it is not as long as long-term goals for more serious commitments.

A time management strategy of goal setting you can use for medium-term goals is that large tasks can be broken-up into smaller more manageable pieces. It can be accomplished gradually until the whole medium-term goal is finished.

Here’s an example you can apply: If a project will take you 24 hours to complete, you can break it into pieces by using 1 hour of time per day for your project until the whole big project is finally completed.

Long-term Goals Take More Time

When personal goal setting needs a long period of time to finish like that of a large task, you’ll be making long-term goals. Long-term goals may take months to years of time to finish which is again depending on the time schedule and the allowance available for you.

Goals that can take a long time of commitment would include:

  • Obtaining a college degree
  • Building a new house or building
  • Aspiring to become a manager
  • Working to make a successful business

It should be understood with your personal goal setting activities that these long-range goals are divided and broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals as you go through your time everyday.

For example, if you want to become the manager in 5 years, you may need to work much on your performances and personal relations. You need to be able to accomplish more tasks while working smarter. You have to deal with your co-workers and bosses much better to gain their recognition and respect.

Like with your medium term-goals, long-term goals are best managed when it’s broken down into smaller sections making each part a step towards the completion of the final goal.

Personal goal setting activities are important time management strategies for all the things you do in life. You’ll be able to set priorities straight and follow a definite path of your plan with an expected result.

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