"8 How To Relieve Stress Tips
For Greater Productivity"

How to relieve stress

Learning how to relieve stress can remove several obstacles to your performance whatever you’re working with. Stress can be a "big monster" to anyone and would like to avoid it as much as possible.

However this is a part of life and living your purposes. Without it, your personal development would be slow and you may not find the kind of results you’re looking for.

Stress is not really bad if it’s balanced because it can push you to greater things, but if it gets too much and uncontrolled it will cause you many troubles that can affect your performance negatively.

Techniques on How to Relieve Stress

1. Quiet Meditation. You should go to a quiet room where no one can bother you being away from any noise and distraction. You can close your eyes and think deeply of the joyful things that happened in your life and you may also apply positive affirmations using "self-talk."

2.  Lie down on a comfortable material. You should prepare something like a soft mattress or cushion bed and a nice soft pillow to lay down your body. Something that feels good will relax your muscles and senses which promotes rest and recovery from stress.

3.  Eat right kinds of food and drink lots of fresh water. As you learn about how to relieve stress it would also be important to watch what you’re eating because there are foods that can make you feel stressed easily such as fatty and oily foods. Junk and fast foods should be avoided and those with preservatives.

You should eat more fruits and vegetables. You can also eat good amounts of rice and meat like chicken, beef and fish and the likes. Sticking to more natural foods is the best! You should also drink fresh or mineral water from time to time to put you in better condition.

4.  Apply Deep Breathing Exercises. A common relaxation therapy that can be applied anywhere is the basic inhale – exhale approach. You can do this even you’re simply sitting on your chair. Do several repetitions of deep breathing procedures. It will make you feel lighter and ease some the tensions that you feel.

5.  See the nature and environment. You can also have some sight-seeing away from the busy city and the chaotic lifestyle. You can get entertained seeing the animals at the zoo or have some nature trips to see different natural places – the trees, the hills, the mountains and the sea.

6.  Avoid TVs and Movies for a while. You may not know but many of the entertainment media shows being shown on the screen are made for the purposes of "business." Most shows are designed to get your attention with exaggerated feelings and emotions of drama, sex and violence.

These negative scenes may add to your stress unconsciously because they get an “impression” into your mind as you watch them, they will surely affect your moods and attitude unexpectedly.

7.  Give some time for body conditioning. Another technique you can do on how to relieve stress is getting your body in shape which includes sufficient exercise and proper diet. You may also take on massage sessions to loosen your stiff muscles and joints making them more relaxed and flexible.

A fit body can be done through workouts and professional treatment. It can make you more resistant to stress problems and release the tensions that your body carries.

8.  Spend time for your personal hobbies. Yes you should give some time to "express" the things that you like to do because you might be always busy with work and you usually didn’t have the time to sing, dance, draw or paint or whatever you like doing. Setting a personal time for yourself despite being busy is as important as time for work.

There are many creative things you can do on how to relieve stress. These are some of the effective techniques you can apply for yourself to improve your performance with whatever your activities in life are. Overcoming stress makes your condition better so you’ll get more motivated to move forward.

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