"9 Effective Time Management
Tips For The Worker"

Effective time management tips

Here are effective time management tips you can use to make your working life more productive with less stress.

You should think about and consider that the habit of sticking to schedules and routines will not end up having no time left for other important things in life.

This kind of practice and habit can produce more opportunity that you can enjoy without the workplace stress of knowing that there are urgent things that are still waiting to be done.

Time-Tested Effective Time Management Tips and Stress Relievers

1. You can let others work for sixteen hours a day.

You do not have to work too many hours per day. You should realize that half of the 24 hours allotted to each of us each day should be spent for personal necessities like eating, sleeping and toilet.

The remaining hours you have is for travelling and other personal errands. The last eight hours left is for work each day which is not only reasonable but usually ideal.

This is a significant part of effective time management tips you should consider.

2. Your first working hours in the morning are usually the most productive. Use it well.

Individuals may be different but for most, it is common that the morning time is when one is most energetic!

You should say no to interruptions that you can neglect. There can be many “time stealers” like:

  • Phone calls
  • Visitor attention
  • Prolonged breaks
  • E-mails, social media and messengers
  • Chit-chats with co-workers

However, the greatest of them all can be the “do you have a minute?” approach.

Whenever possible, you should say no to this. You should try to allow a time each day that is dedicated to thinking about time you're losing.

3. You should find out why you’re wasting time.

Effective time management tips would include finding out where your time is losing value so that you can take action against it. You should prepare a realistic plan in order not to fall into the same wrong pattern. When this is solved, you can expect an increase in your personal productivity. I guarantee this!

4. Prioritize work from the most urgent to the least and work from there.

Prioritization is important as always and it can avoid workplace stress very well after you handled what is "urgent." However, there are some opportunities where you can start doing the work you like the least.

If you're able to finish the task you like the least, you'll be more motivated to do the other tasks you like more. This action plan allows you to somehow maintain your pace as the day moves on.

Procrastination on things that you do not like doing can create and accumulate some backlogs which means having poor time management. So this is something you have to overcome.

5. You should allow a realistic time frame for each job you'll handle.

One of the effective time management tips is about setting and assigning a specific period or amount of time for each of your task. This is important because this would give sufficient allowance and structure to your schedule making things organized and this can reduce workplace stress much.

6. Delegate your tasks whenever there’s opportunity.

You may have many things to do and do not have all the time and energy for it. Assigning some tasks especially the minor or smaller tasks can be done in order to make things easier for you. 

Delegation is an art and you must know to whom you should delegate a certain task. You might also have to give some form of reward depending on who will do the task for you and what kind of task will be done. 

You should also not commit with working on a project that could mean losing your significant personal time.

7. Have a to-do list for the following morning and stick to it.

You should prepare a to-do list before the end of the day. This to-do list will be used for tomorrow’s tasks so you can progress quickly the next day. You should stick to your list of tasks until you have completed them all, that’s the main purpose of using to-do lists.

The other significant purpose of to-do lists is for you not to forget the things you have to do.

8. You can use time management tools for extra advantage.

Another one of the effective time management tips that can really help you is about using time management tools.

There are different kinds of tools for handling time such as:

  • Daily planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly planner

There are also tools that are computer-based like:

  • Google calendar
  • Evernote
  • Smart phones time tools

There are more on these which are very useful.

9. Attend Time Management Programs.

You should attend some time management programs when you have time and money. It’s a good investment! If your company does not sponsor these, you should spend a little and expect that you’ll gain more. This is the kind of investment that you'll not regret later and it will always help you in the future.

The use of effective time management tips can prevent the reasoning of "there’s not enough time." For the successful person and for those who are not there, it is always the same amount of hours each day available at disposal. 

Time is always available in abundance. You can be successful in life if you have the ability to use it well which can make the difference!

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