"5 Effective Time Management Techniques to Utilize Time Better"

Effective time management techniques

Effective time management techniques can help you make much out of your significant resource which is your "time."

It has often been said that people who have managed this resource well are also usually good at managing other things in life. The time management techniques that they use are also the same principles that they apply in other modes of their behavior.

These outstanding professionals can be observed with their common approaches to saving time, handling their tasks and solving problems. The following are their common characteristics which you may observe and see.

Effective Time Management
Techniques of the Outstanding!

1. Clutter Free Work Spaces

Their work spaces are free from clutter. Except for the laptop and papers that they’re working on. They clear clutter which can cause distractions. The general atmosphere in their offices is organization.

Even "organized clutter" is truly known for what it is. You should know that clutter is clutter and it creates a mess and confusion.

Real organized people and workplaces do not need that kind of arrangement. They rarely have what is called "fat files." These are files that are not so important to their work which are discarded or should be kept in the cabinet.

The reality is that fat files are seldom looked at. They are usually ignored, except for very rare occasions. Just browsing through them can consume a huge amount of time. Reliable study shows that around 85% of office files are not really relevant, but they're kept anyway for reference. However, it contributes to inefficiency at work.

2. Schedules are Broken Down

Efficient professionals break down their yearly plans into quarterly and monthly plans. 

Aside from this, action steps and other supplemental steps are prepared and covered during day before they leave their offices so that they are the first things they will be working at on the following day. This action alone is one of the effective time management techniques which saves a lot of time.

3. Prioritization of the To-Do List

The to-do list is prioritized according to its importance with their operations, which contributes to maximizing their time. 

It also takes into account the time allowances for their daily interruptions and unexpected circumstances that may happen anytime. This includes things that can be avoided and not avoided. They may be sociable people, but they also avoid small talk.

4. Assign Time Frames and Deadlines

Professionals assign specific time frames and deadlines for the things they’re doing and they usually stick to their schedule. When they start working, they rarely stop until the work is finished.

This one of the time management skills they have developed and applied to themselves. They usually start doing the most difficult things first as part of their morning routine.

Things like phone calls and e-mails are done in one "lump" space of time. They usually take breaks and do easier jobs during times when they know that they’re less effective. They do this as part of their strategy which is related to their performance levels. This will enable you to maximize most of your time.

The main idea is to plan the time spent in each section of the job period and commit to the plan. This is a very good example for you to follow so you can complete much work with your limited time.

5. Proper Delegation is Applied

They practice the way of right delegation as part of their effective time management techniques. The usual rule is, if the other person can do the job 80% as well, the job will be delegated.

This is one of the main reasons why highly effective people don’t usually look and feel stressed and fatigued. We can also add the fact here that they’re knowledgeable about how their time works.

Sometimes the things that you do are not the cause of stress and fatigue. Sometimes it is caused by the constant worry of things that you must still do while there is little time left for it. It is the constant cramming for time for the things that still needs to be done and it does really matter.

Effective time management techniques of outstanding professionals can be a very good example for you as you plan and strive to improve your very own personal time management at work which can make your life much easier and productive.

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