Effective Time Management
For College Working Students 

Effective time management for college

Effective time management for college is essential for students who work at the same time.

At last you are now in college! Only a few more years and the career you have been dreaming to achieve for years is already within your grasp. However, the path is not easy and not covered with beds of roses.

Lack of financial means to pay for your tuition, books and other necessary expenses can be some of the matters that make your college student life miserable. Of course, you can get a part time job to support yourself but it will be precious time away from your studies.

These things are to be considered in your student time management in college.

You also need to accomplish other college activities to successfully finish your course. There are also old and new friends which will surely invite you to social events.

Effective time management for college would include honing up your skills in managing time and making a calendar for time management in college. Having a calendar of your activities will help you get through the difficulty of balancing your time between study and work, extra-curricular and social activities with friends.

A Strategy for Setting Up Your Calendar

1. First off you should have a semester calendar. Universities and other colleges provide students with blank semester calendars. You can obtain one through an online or create one according to your own liking.

2. In the semester calendars enter your class schedules, project due dates, registration dates and other important dates.

These important dates may come from your class syllabi and the school timetables provided in their brochures and announcements. Enter each date as you find them into your semester calendar.

Set up your own due dates for each phase of a big project like term papers and projects. You can also add personal commitments to social and personal events.

Maintaining a semester calendar as your student time management in college will give you a view of what commitments you need to fulfill. It will help you plan before a given schedule. This way you will avoid last minute disasters.

3. You can also set up a weekly planner as part of your effective time management for college.

There are available weekly planners provided by institutions you can obtain them online or get them at the registration office during enrollment. If you want to you can also buy or create your own.

In the weekly planner you need to enter your regular class schedule and other obligations on a weekly basis like work, club or church meetings and assembly. Make it a point in your student time management that you insert enough time for review and reading before following each class lecture you attend.

Take note of it in your planner. If you are wondering if there’s enough time to put in for a review you should have a general rule to plan two hours of study for each hour of  lecture that has finished.

Plan your regular time off from work and school. Enter your sleep and wake up times in your planner. Meanwhile for projects, exams and other personal commitments you can leave off blank slots. As you practice effective time management for college you should make full use of your planner.

4. Tally out your weekly planner and semester calendar every Friday night or late afternoon. This will enable you to check out the things you have accomplished for that week and adjust on the activities that you still need to do for the following week.

Time management in college would include adding these other commitments that can be done by placing them in the blank time schedule you have on your weekly planner. Then add new items which you are committed for the next week.

Enter new things and schedules as new obligations, commitments and engagements come up. You can check first your weekly planner before saying "yes" to a commitment or engagement. If you find that you have a previous entry on the said date and time, then it would be best to turn down the invitation early on.

5. Every night you can create a daily "action list" for the following day. Use your weekly and semester calendar to do this. You can even put in some categories to set your priorities straight.

Effective Time Management for College and Your School

More and more state universities and community colleges are aware of the fact that college students have to work in order to survive and finance their college education. Because of this situation these schools adjust their class schedules to meet every student’s needs.

However, administrators and advisors in the office are having a hard time of scheduling and managing classes for working college students. This is because there are too many people to schedule and manage and few people to draw up the class schedules.

Student time management in college can be applied easier if college working students like you who practice effective time management for college can be a big help. You can assist university and community college administrators in making up class schedules that are effective for working students.

Professionals at college need your definite schedules so that they can draw up a fair enough class schedule. 

You can work out by yourself, an efficient student time management schedule which takes into consideration your studies and part time job schedules. In the end, with an effective time student calendar, your student time management plan will also save you money.

Using a calendar in order to create an effective time management for college will reveal its importance when you reach your goals. The main purpose of maintaining it is that it will help remind you of the key goals you have set forth to achieve.

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