Way Of Delegating Tasks
To Accomplish More

Delegating tasks

The way of delegating tasks will help you increase your productivity when there’s a limitation in the things you can do within a specific amount of time.

While it might be your preference to do everything yourself in order to produce the results you expect, it might become more convenient for you "as whole" to delegate tasks to other people who are capable and who can do it.

This time management strategy can help relieve stress and fatigue due to "overwork" and lack of personal time for the things you enjoy in life.

You Don't Have to Do Everything Yourself

In most companies or groups of people, you’ll see that not one person does all the work.

The leaders or managers usually have the biggest responsibilities and do the most important tasks while they assign or delegate work to other team members according to their capabilities and skills.

Learning how to delegate tasks increases the productivity because more people contribute in working and finishing a list of tasks or activities to be completed.

When you delegate work, you should use good judgment and decision making in order to produce a satisfactory result or outcome in the work you assigned.

To delegate tasks give you the freedom from doing the minor or small things that can be many, such as: cleaning the room, buying food, photocopying, etc.

Delegating Tasks Are for Everyone

You really don’t have to be hesitant or shy when you need some "helping hand" or assistance. Some people cannot delegate work because they simply don’t prefer doing it or they want to do things in solo.

However there’s a saying that, "no man’s an island." You can get tired, lose motivation and even procrastinate when your task seems or become overwhelming and too difficult for you.

When you learn to delegate work, things become lighter and easier unlike when you’re just facing everything yourself.

It will save you time, which can be used for more important things like problem solving and attending to an important customer or person.

When you already know how to delegate tasks, you’ll find out that you can do much more than what you can do "before."

The Effective Way of Doing It

Delegate work to a person who has the capacity to do it. For example: If a person is computer literate and oriented, you can ask him to research on some information or product that you need over the internet.

If you ask someone to do the same favor but the person doesn’t even touched a computer or has only basic knowledge about it, you can expect not to get a good and quality result.

You should also understand that delegating tasks may require you to give something in return to the person whom you’re asking the favor of. Here are several things you can give back to him/her:

  • Treat the person for a meal.
  • Buy the person something that he/she wants.
  • Return the same favor of doing something for him/her.
  • Pay the person some money for the work.
  • Give praise and recognition to the person.

Delegating tasks would definitely enable you to accomplish more while maintaining a well-balanced life. To delegate work is not a sign of weakness but it is the use of intelligent decision in order to make greater results which helps you to move forward faster.

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