Enforce Clutter Control For
Less Hassle And Cleaner Living

Clutter control can make your life better and give you more time when doing your activities.

You may not notice it instantly but when you clear clutter you’ll have more space to work with and your environment where you stay becomes more comfortable for work.

As a result when you declutter your place, your productivity improves greatly because the distractions from random things around you which bothers your thoughts are eliminated.

To clear clutter is to avoid confusion from all those things around that you see everyday which would be better to be inside your cabinet or container.

The Difference of It

When you look at things at first sight you may already see the difference. Notice them closely:

A messy working place where the principle of clutter control should be applied.

Photo Credit: EvelynGiggles via Flickr

In the first place it would be very hard to work on something when you have a desk that is full of random stuff. You’ll need good organizing ideas to make a proper arrangement of the things you use.

Clutter control begins with you, with the way you fix and sort things around. You should get organized with the way you live first then it will "manifest" or happen with your personal surroundings.

See this big change:

When you clear clutter and make order with things it becomes easier and motivating to do work.

Photo Credit: EvelynGiggles via Flickr

This is neat and everything is in its proper place and no unnecessary things lying around. This is "conducive" or engaging in doing any work.

It's Not Hard to Do You Just Have to Begin with It

To clear clutter might be a burdensome task for you or anyone but you should know that big tasks start from small actions and large tasks can be broken into smaller tasks when you plan and schedule them well.

A clutter free place can be "dream" come true for people who are not used to making such an environment and atmosphere however you should know that once you learn and get your habit into it, it will reward you with plenty of benefits such as:

  • More appetite for doing your activities or job
  • There would be less dust, bacteria and insects around which can make you unhealthy
  • Easy to find the things you need when you need them

There are also psychological and emotional benefits you’ll gain like:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More motivation and clearer thinking
  • There’s a better feeling of joy and excitement in life

The tendency for anxiety symptoms will be greatly reduced. When you have problems you should take care of, other things may "compound" or add up to it and the messy clutter can surely be one of those things that can make you feel unpleasant.

It is not hard to think that clutter may contribute to depression warning signs because of the atmosphere it represents.

To begin your clutter control you can schedule it by periods of time by using a weekly calendar or a weekly planner until everything is done and the clutter is gone.

Another Comparison to Think About

As you consider clutter control you should see these two scenes of a room.

You may observe that this first image seems chaotic and overcrowded:

Photo Credit: serenejournal via Flickr

It can make you feel easily tired as you do your activities with this kind of environment.

This next scene of a bedroom is the absolute opposite of the earlier picture.

It’s not only clean and clear to look at but it may also feel very relaxing and rejuvenating to stay in such a place:

Photo Credit: amy.gizienski via Flickr

A Simple Way of Living and Simple Habits

You may find it easier for you to have a comfortable life when you practice simple living principles. This is about not desiring too much stuff which can help you declutter your life.

Simple living would lead to simple habits because you won’t need too much except for the things that can help you live properly and those that can help fulfill your daily activities.

As you begin to simplify your life organizing your home becomes easier and not a hassle. Let’s say it becomes more natural.

Clutter control gives you more time in your hands because it can help you accomplish work faster and with better motivation.

Having more time and a better state of thinking without all those messes can also improve your relationships with other people.

Useful Tips when You Clear Clutter

When you declutter you should only expose around the things you will be using during the time period. This means you should keep away those other things that you won’t need at present or anytime soon.

Those things can wait and you can write them down in your list or reminder’s journal if you’ll need them anytime.

Having only the things you need at the moment can make you more focused with your current work. You’ll also be able to avoid the trouble of searching or losing what you need at present when you need it.

There are times when you can easily find what you don’t need yet it can be very hard to find that "something" you really need at the moment.

Take Action on It!

You should know that clutter will not go away with wishful thinking. You have to act on it even just working on it little by little.

You can get used to clearing clutter through practice and adjusting your habits. Later you’ll find it easier to do and you’ll have better ideas on arranging your things around.

Clutter control is something that’s not a popular idea for the average person because we simply want to do what we want to do and get ahead on our daily routines and activities.

However to declutter is an activity that should be given its priority also because it can give long-term positive effects with your lifestyle.

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